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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 2, 2007 - Issue #5  
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Risako Raven

Every issue we'll interview someone from the Idea Seeker Universe and ask five questions. Idea Seekers, Plant Babies, KidsCom Staff Members… and maybe even a surprise guest or two!

Meet a former Ally

After Angry Cloud's attack last week, the Sarillion Monitor decided to take some time to find out what it takes to become an Idea Seeker. We were able to fight off Angry Cloud this time, but what about in the future? To find out what it's like to become an Idea Seeker, we tracked down Risako Raven, who just joined the Idea Seeker team after being an Ally for a while.

1. So, have you ever been interviewed by anyone before?

No, I'm just a regular, everyday kind of girl. Why would anyone want to interview me?

Well, we think you're special, because we're here to interview you about the Idea Seekers. You just signed up. Why did you decide to join the Idea Seekers?

Well, I'd been an Ally of the Idea Seekers for a while. And even though I was helping people, I didn't really feel like I was doing all that I could. I mean, being an Ally was fun, but compared to being an Idea Seeker... Well, it's just a lot more fun.

2. What's so different about being an Idea Seeker, instead of an Ally?

I've already learned so much more as an Idea Seeker than I ever did as an Ally. I finally feel like I'm a part of something... people who want to do good things. It's not like other places where people are cheating, or just doing things that help themselves. The lessons I've learned as an Idea Seeker are helping me reach out to others and change all of our lives. For example, I had a big group project at school, and it seemed impossible! None of us had any idea what to do – it was just too hard. But thanks to my Confidence Plant Baby, and what I'd learned as an Idea Seeker, I believed we could do it. And when everyone saw how confident I was acting, they started to believe, too. My confidence was contagious!

What else is different?

Well, I get to do so many more fun things! I can create my own Idea Seeker House, fill it with furniture and stuff. Then I can make a character to live in the house, get some Plant Babies to take care of – it's great! The best part, though, is talking to kids from all over the universe and have them come hang out at my Idea Seeker House. I can explore the Idea Seeker Universe with my character and talk to other Idea Seekers from everywhere! We chat with each other, play games, have adventures... it's like a whole new group of friends.

I even get to meet people from other planets! Some of them even have blue skin... that's so cool!

Can we see your Idea Seeker House?

Sure, it's right here! I want to add more things to it so I am shopping at Tempy's in Venezia Village. I also go to my friend Kita Machoo's Store, because she has really good prices on furniture.

Nice piano.

Yeah... I do a lot of music.

3. Well, what about the Clouds? Angry Cloud was here last week and... well, we don't mind admitting that we were pretty scared.

Well, joining the Idea Seekers taught me that it doesn't matter if you're an Idea Seeker – the Clouds are still going to come after you. They try to attack everybody in the universe, it's just as you get better at seeking ideas that they are less able to trick you. The Master Idea Seekers are the best at fighting the Clouds, but there's not a person in the universe that can't learn to successfully fight the Clouds.

That's where the Essence comes in. The Idea Seekers are helping me learn to listen for the Essence. It is that inner voice that helps you make good decisions. You also hear it strongly in places like parks, museums, theatre, concerts or aquariums. Everybody has their own special places where ideas come to them best. For me it was visiting the Grand Canyon last summer. It was so beautiful – it gave me a happy feeling. The Essence reminds us to be honest, kind, respectful... all the things that the Idea Seekers are always talking about. I learned that there aren't bad people in the Universe, just people who are tricked into doing bad things – usually because of the Clouds or their Master, the Darkness.

That's why I decided to join the Idea Seekers – being an Ally is great, but I was ready to stand up for myself, and tell those Clouds to back off! The Idea Seekers helped me do that. I finally belong to something bigger.

That's big stuff. What else do you like?

Okay, it's fun to earn Virtual Points, sell things in my store and play these fun games. I get to have tons of fun as an Idea Seeker!

4. So, you became an Idea Seeker Prophet. Why did you choose to be a Prophet?

Well, I was really tempted to become a Scribe, because I like writing so much. I also play a lot of music, and writing my own songs is my favorite thing to do. But in the end I decided to be a Prophet. The Idea Seekers told me that you have to listen to your inner voice to be a Prophet, and never be afraid to speak the truth.

And I'm not afraid.

Plus, being able to predict the future? That's awesome! I can't wait until I can start working on that.

5. What advice can you give to people who want to become Idea Seekers, or have already started their Idea Seeker training?

Ooh, you ask all the Idea Seekers that question!

Well, you're an Idea Seeker now! It's your turn.

Read the Plant Baby Message on the Idea Seeker Home Pages. I really find they pick me up when I'm having a bad day. Watch out for Cloud attacks, and don't stop having fun. Becoming an Idea Seeker doesn't just help you, it helps everyone you know. When you start to fight against the Clouds, you help all of your family and friends get better at fighting them, too. One crabby person can ruin everyone's day, or you can be one happy person and make everyone feel better.

That's the first thing I learned.

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