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Chance, 11, USA

Nathan and the Ice Rink Project

Nathan was being honored at his Scout Troop meeting. He had been looking for a project to earn his Volunteer badge. His neighbor, Mr. Owens, said that the town's outdoor ice rink really needed help. Mr. Owens had donated the land for the ice rink to the town, but after it was built, the town did not have enough money to keep it clean and neat every year. Nathan had put up posters around town and talked about it at school. He talked to some businesses and got them to donate paint, brushes, rakes, brooms, and stuff.

Then one Saturday, a lot of people volunteered to join in and help Nathan. They cleaned away all the dead leaves and branches. They scraped and painted the fading wooden shelter all day. They even shined the metal bleachers. They put up a shiny new sign that read, "Owens Ice Rink". By the end of the day, the Owens Ice Rink looked almost brand new again.

That winter, when it was filled with water, it froze into ice and everybody in town ice skated, or watched the ice skaters, in a clean and nice-looking place. It made them happy, so they took better care of the ice rink after that. Nathan's project earned him his Volunteer badge and he made lots of new friends, too. His parents were very proud as they watched the Volunteer badge being awarded to Nathan. He became a little embarrassed when his parents came up and hugged him in front of everybody, but inside he was really very happy.


Brianna, 12, USA

It was a hot-biting summer afternoon at the Troop Meeting in South Carolina. I felt very thirsty, but I had to take the blame for that, because I lost my water bottle on the trail to get to the place where the meeting was located.

"All righty-tighty," my troop leader spoke up to the noisy crowd to get them to shush down so we can learn what our new badge project would be. "We won't do another project unless you all will stop talking!"

Everyone became quite.

"Good enough," the troop leader said, clapping his hands in relief. "Okay, this week we will volunteer in order to get a badge. You have to show endurance and be able to volunteer to show honor and workmanship. That's what the volunteer badge is all about. All of you boys will be doing something of your choice in order to volunteer."

I raised my hand.

"Yes, Donald?"

"Can I pick up litter on the sides of the roads?"

"Sure, that's a good sign of volunteering. You volunteer for your environment, then you volunteer with our health."

My smile stretched from ear to ear until my mouth began to ache. There was something that I sensed over all the other boys in the Boy Scouts, that there was going to be a competition over all of us. My troop works in a way where only one of us can get the badge every week, and all the rest of us would work hard to catch up with that person.

For the remainder of the week, I picked up tinder and litter that people carelessly threw from their cars and don't think twice that if there was a thunderstorm and lightning happened to strike it, then it could catch on fire and cause a forest fire. Brianna, the only girl allowed in the troop, helped me with the rest until we were successfully done. My friend, Branden, did volunteering at the animal shelter and with accompanied by Justin, another one of my endless amount of friends, both of them fed weak animals until they were healthy again. Brianna and I ended up deserving the volunteer badge, the only two people to win the same badge at the same time.



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