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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Penny - 11 - NEW ZEALAND

The story continues from this beginning:

Spec and Tra are in Jardim Forest hunting for Sloth Cloud. Tra is very thirsty and drinks the last of her water, then throws the water bottle on the ground! Spec asks her why she littered, and Tra says ''who cares? No one's around to see it was us!'' Spec thinks they've found Sloth Cloud, and that he's gotten to Tra! What Plant Baby can Spec use to defeat Sloth Cloud? Write the rest of the story.

Spec looked behind them where Plant Babies had followed to keep them safe in the forest. Persistence went over to Tra and picked up her trash.

"Don't pollute the environment! You're making me sad," said Joy.

"Hopefully she'll pick up her rubbish and we can get on with it!" said Hope.

Gratitude said sternly, "Tra, you are not appreciating what you have - a clean environment!"

"Balance facts with false, it's not all clean," Balance replied.

"Oh dear, Tra. Don't you see? We've found Sloth Cloud! With your help, we can get rid of him! Don't give up on us!" begged Patience.

And Tra didn't. Together they were able to kick Sloth Cloud. Afterward, they went home to have a good sleep and the planet was a little cleaner! Write Me A Story

Eemaan - 11 - South Africa

I was a private investigator. Many cases have been solved, thanks to me. I walked into my office, slowly looking at the pictures and portraits on the walls. It was exactly ten fifteen, when a woman wearing a blue blouse and black trousers walked in. She seemed very upset about something. I took my client into the office and she explained the situation. I listened to every single detail. She told me exactly what the person I had to catch looked like. He had a scar, always wore black, had a gruff voice and was a sports fan. She left the office and I prepared myself. I left the building and memorized everything she said. I started walking through the streets, eyeing every person wearing black. Finally, I saw him at a party. He was eating gelatin.

"Hey, you!" I shouted.

He looked up and saw me. I called him again and then he fled. I chased him. Through alleys, across rivers, over rooftops we ran, until I got him in an alley. I jumped and fell on him. Trashcans toppled on us. He stood up and asked me, "What do you want?"

Then I pulled out the videotape and told him the thing I was being paid for. "Remember that woman that owned the video store? You forgot to rewind this tape for her."

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Speedy Jerico - Age 14 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

My idea is the dragonflies are being driven from their homes, and their are needs that humans will have to make houses. So using native materials and native land scape will be producing houses that are safe for the enviorment, and also having room for the dragonflies to live. So humans and dragonflies could live together.

Speedy Jerico earned 500 Virtual Points for his essay! Start an Animal Adventure today to submit yours!

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