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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 4, 2008 - Issue #51  
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New Role Uniforms now available for Idea Seekers AND Allies!

Princess Kimma has unveiled a new series of Idea Seeker Role Outfits that can be worn by Idea Seekers and Allies alike! All Idea Seekers and Allies are encouraged to take a new Role Quiz in order to find out which Role suits them best.

The Role a person chooses is one of the most important decisions they can make when joining the fight against the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos. A person's Role reflects their strengths and who they are, and when people with different Roles work together, their combined strength can be too much for the Clouds to handle!

To get your own Role Uniform, take the "What Role Are You?" personality quiz located in the Training Tower. Both Idea Seekers and Allies can play! As a bonus, King Daveau will allow all Idea Seekers to change their current Role the first time they take the quiz! You can take the quiz multiple times in order to change your Secondary Idea Seeker Role, or just for fun if you're an Ally.

Check out About an Idea Seeker to read about how Desire Cloud used the new Role Uniforms to try to make Riley a Warrior Drone!

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