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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 4, 2008 - Issue #51  
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About an Idea Seeker - Skeeter

Skeeter, tell us about the encounter you had recently with Desire Cloud.

Dude, it was crazy! I was heading to the Training Tower to take the "What Role Are You?" personality quiz so I could get myself some wicked Prophet threads. My favorite talking dog Riley was with me, and suddenly he starts acting really strangely!

What was Riley doing?

He was talking about how maybe he doesn't want to be a Diplomat anymore, and that if he ends up with the same Role he has now, he'll be really upset! He told me I should be a Diplomat and that we should trade Roles. I told him, "But Riley, you're a great Diplomat!" But he just got more upset about it!

And then what happened?

I heard a voice behind Riley whispering, "Don't ever be happy with what you have! Skeeter's Role is much more interesting than yours! Doesn't that make you angry?" I looked behind Riley and there was Desire Cloud trying to turn my pal into a Warrior Drone! Not cool!

So what did you do?

Fortunately I had my Gratitude Plant Baby along, and he helped me talk some sense into Riley. Desire Cloud took off, but I just know she's out there somewhere trying to do the same thing to some other poor Idea Seeker or Ally! If you're reading this, be careful! No matter what Role you get as a result of the quiz, it's based on who you really are, so the result will always be a good one!

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