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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Kimma is very pleased with the new solar panels that her father, King Daveau, has ordered installed to supply power to the Royal Palace. In fact, she won't stop bragging about them to Spec and Tra! Spec and Tra are becoming a bit annoyed at how cocky Kimma is acting. Eventually, Tra realizes that Proud Cloud is making Kimma brag so much! Can she use a Humor Plant Baby to bring Kimma back to earth? Write the rest of the story. Spec and Tra are quite annoyed with Kimma's cocky behavior.

"Tra, how can we get Kimma to stop bragging about those solar panels?" asks Spec desperately. "Proud Cloud has taken over her!"

"I could try powering up my Humor Plant Baby, Spec," Tra suggested.

"GREAT idea! Maybe Kimma will quit bragging!" Spec agreed.

Tra went to get food and power items to feed her Plant Baby while Spec covered his ears so he wouldn't have to listen to Kimma's constant chatter. He had to grit his teeth to keep from screaming! "Oh, Tra, where are you?" he shouted at last.

Tra came running up with her Humor Plant Baby and the PB wrapped his arms around Kimma and giggled. Proud Cloud was weakening by the second. At last, he disappeared and Kimma fell to her knees on the ground. Spec and Tra raced to pick her up.

"Oh, guys, I'm sorry about everything I said. Can you ever forgive me?" Kimma gushed.

Spec and Tra nodded in unison. Kimma got to her feet and said, "The solar panels are really awesome for the palace, you know."

"KIMMA!" Spec and Tra shouted together.

"Just kidding, but I do believe they need to be added to every house and building on planet Sarillion," Kimma said.

"Agreed, Kimma. You are awesome," Spec said.

Kimma's father, King Daveau had solar panels installed on every building and Kimma hasn't said another word about them since. Write Me A Story

Nathan - 9 - United Kingdom

It was a hot summer's day when it was playtime. We all were playing football, and I was in goal. As everybody was playing, secretly I chewed a bubble gum in my mouth. Playtime was finished so we had to go into our classroom. Our teacher was giving a lecture about a strict rule about bubble gum. I just sat down chewing my gum. As I was chewing my gum the teacher came up to me. She found out that I was chewing gum. Then the teacher told me to go into the principles office. He gave me a three-hour detention and I ever couldn't play football!

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week


I think you should buy the land. That way you will be able to do what ever you want with your land. So you can make more room for the animals to have shelter, food, water, sun, and everything that the animals need! Animals were here way before we were here in America. We dont need to take all of what they have! I think that is cruel. I have always loved animals and think they deserve to have what they need and not die out. Animals should have rights to. And taking there freedom of having food water and shelter is not right! So three chears for the animals! Make sure you do your part in helping the enviorment and the Animals.

Mango Josie earned 500 Virtual Points for this comment! Start an Animal Adventure today to submit yours!

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