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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 18, 2008 - Issue #52  
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Hurricane Strikes the Beach!

A Hurricane has landed on the Manabel Island Beach, causing a huge flood! King Daveau has sent out a call to all Idea Seekers and Allies to build a sandbag wall on the Beach in order to keep the flooding under control! Warming temperatures on Sarillion have resulted in warmer ocean waters, which make hurricanes stronger and more intense. Marine animals like pelicans and turtles are being washed out of their homes by the flooding!

Sloth Cloud has been spotted clouding people and turning them into Warrior Drones who feel that building a sandbag wall won't help! People with Sloth Cloud sickness believe that the wall will just get knocked over again by the flood waters, so there's no point in trying. King Daveau is urging everyone to power up a Persistence Plant Baby to fight back against Sloth Cloud and save the Beach and its animals! Head to Tips & Tricks to find out how!

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