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About an Idea Seeker - Riley

Riley, the last time there was a flood on the Beach, you helped out a lot. Are you helping out this time too?

Riley: Oh, I don't know...I've put a few sandbags up on the wall, but they just get knocked over again by the flood waters! It seems pretty pointless to me.

What? Riley, that doesn't sound like you at all!

Riley: Sure it does! I'm pretty sure my voice hasn't changed! Heh.

This is no time for jokes, Riley. The Beach is in trouble!

Riley: So? Even if it's saved, there will just be another hurricane some other time and there will be another flood. What's the point?

Riley, it sounds to us like you're suffering from Sloth Cloud Sickness.

Riley: Eh, maybe. I'm feeling too tired to try to find out, though.

[NOTE: At this point, Princess Kimma entered the interview area.]

Kimma: Hey, Riley, I'm heading to the Beach to help build the wall! Are you coming?

Riley: Kimma, there's no point! It's just gonna fall over again!

Kimma: Riley, you need to stop listening to Sloth Cloud! You know what Skeeter's Persistence Plant Baby always says: "Don't run out of gas! Stick to the task!" Remember how much fun the Beach is when things are normal? People are running around, playing games... like games...

Riley: I really do love playing in the water when the Beach is normal...hey, do you know what dries as it gets wetter?

Kimma: No, what?

Riley: A towel!

Kimma: Haha! Sounds like you're back to normal Riley. Let's go save the Beach!

Riley: Yeah! Let's go! Thanks for unclouding me, Kimma, I needed that!

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