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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 30, 2008 - Issue #55  
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About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

Princess Kimma, we were told you had a story about a friend of yours who became an Idea Seeker recently through the new Shopping page?

Yes! I had been talking to an Ally named Vanilla Lomo in the Reminder's Healing Center who had asked her mom and dad about becoming an Idea Seeker, but they kept saying "no" because they thought it was too expensive.

So what did you suggest?

I told her that the shopping page has all sorts of online stores that moms and dads love shopping in! She took a look and saw that when anyone goes to one of the online stores listed through the Shopping page, a portion of the money they spend gets turned into KidsKash Points! If they save up 595 KidsKash Points, she gets a one month Idea Seeker membership!

And she's an Idea Seeker now, right?

Yep! Her mom's really happy because she can find everything she needs in one easy place, and Vanilla Lomo is happy of course because now she can wear different kinds of clothes, decorate multiple rooms in her House, and lead a Team against the Clouds of Chaos!

That's great news! Thanks for the story, Kimma.

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