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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 13, 2008 - Issue #56  
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About an Idea Seeker - Gratitude Plant Baby

Fulla, Queen Keyara's Gratitude Plant Baby, has been helping the Queen plan all the Month of Gratitude festivities! The Sarillion Monitor caught up with him to see how things are progressing.

So Fulla, how are the Month of Gratitude preparations coming along?

First, let me say how much I appreciate you interviewing me today! Thank you! Secondly, the preparations are going pretty well! I'm so thankful that the Queen asked me to help her and Princess Kimma organize the month's activities. We have a big feast being planned for the end of the month that we're really excited about!

We also heard that the Gratitude Plant Baby t-shirts are coming back?

Well, that was Kimma's idea, not mine! I'm flattered to think that my face will be on a t-shirt again! It's a little embarrassing, but it's mostly really cool! I'm very grateful that she wants to give me and the other Gratitude Plant Babies so much attention.

What about the rumors about the Clouds of Chaos and how they're going to try to start trouble this month around Sarillion?

Well, when are they not? I just try to remember what I always say: "Gratitude is a ladder that helps you out of dark holes." If those nasty Clouds try anything, we just have to remember the great things that make Idea Seekers and Allies such great people, and remember to be thankful for them! Now, if you'll excuse me, Kimma needs my help with a cookie recipe she's working on, and you know she can use all the help she can get!

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