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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 26, 2008 - Issue #57  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Tra, why is the Palace so concerned about buying food that's grown locally for the Month of Gratitude feast?

Because grocery stores often carry food that was grown in another part of the world, which means it had to travel a long way to get there! That means time spent on trucks, in boats, and even on spaceships when Sarillion imports special foods from Machoo or Earth! That means a lot of fossil fuels are being used to provide food that is just as good as the stuff that's grown locally!

As an animal lover, are you concerned with how this affects Sarillion's animals?

I'm always concerned about the effects we have on our animal friends! Burning fossil fuels is one of the major causes of Sarillion's climate change, so using less of them helps everyone!

On a slightly different topic, we've been hearing rumors that Princess Kimma has been planning to cook a special Gratitude Dinner for your brother, Spec. Is that true?

Yeah, and she's really excited! But Spec's a little nervous. Don't tell Kimma I said this, but...well...let's say she could use a little more practice in the kitchen. I promised Spec I'd sneak him some extra food from the main table.

Is Kimma's cooking really that bad?

Let's put it this way--we once used a batch of her chocolate-chip cookies as shields during a huge battle against the Dakness and his Clouds! They were able to deflect Angry Clouds Gummy Gooey Anger Globs like they were marshmallows! Oh, no, are you going to print this? Oh, I hope Kimma doesn't read it!

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