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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 26, 2008 - Issue #57  
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Enter the I'm Grateful Sweepstakes!

The I'm Grateful Sweepstakes is happening right now! Walk into the new Shopping Hut on the Beach and enter for a chance to win a prize for your pet and your public or school library! All you have to do is answer a question about King Daveau's friends at Drs. Foster & Smith and enter it into the form, along with your user name and email address! (Don't worry-the answer to the question is easy!) You can enter the Sweepstakes once a day, so what are you waiting for?

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Hey Allies! Now there's a way for you or your parents to earn a FREE Upgrade to an Idea Seeker! Head to the KidsCom Shopping area and explore the places you and your parents can go to shop for real world items on Earth! Clicking on any of the stores and buying items through will earn KidsKash that can be applied toward an Upgrade! 595 KidsKash equal a one-month Idea Seeker Membership.

KidsKash can also be redeemed for gift certificates and all sorts of cool stuff from! And RIGHT NOW, your parents' first purchase will automatically earn you 600 KidsKash! That's like getting a one month Idea Seeker Membership Upgrade for FREE!

Click here to get a reminder you can print out and tape on your computer for you and your parents!

Shop your way to more safe, smart play with!

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