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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 11, 2008 - Issue #58  
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It's the Month of Joy!

The Month of Joy has begun! December on Sarillion is a time for everyone on Sarillion to celebrate everything that's happened during the year. And this year there is so much to celebrate! The Field Museum opened, the Role Rooms in the Palace's Training Tower were completed, and Idea Seekers and Allies have fought very hard against The Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos while saving Sarillion's animals from a climate crisis (including saving the Beach from two floods)!

Sloth Cloud is still around trying to cause trouble, though! King Daveau has asked Skeeter to investigate why Sarillion's winter weather seems warmer than normal this year, but Sloth Cloud has convinced Skeeter that it's not important! Will Skeeter's friends be able to help clear his head?

Celebrate the Month of Joy by wearing the Joy party disguises now on sale in all of Sarillion's clothing stores! And be sure to decorate your House with Month of Joy furniture, now on sale at Tempy's and other furniture stores! More furniture and disguises are on their way this month as well!

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