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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 2, 2009 - Issue #59  
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Joy Plant Baby

About an Idea Seeker - Joy Plant Baby

Princess Kimma's Joy Plant Baby spoke to the Sarillion Monitor about her favorite memories from this past Month of Joy!

So, Joy, what did you enjoy the most about having a whole month named after you?

Hahaha! Oh, you're so silly. The Month of Joy is about happiness and togetherness with your friends and family! It's not just about Joy Plant Babies!

That's true! So what did you enjoy the most?

I was most excited about all the time I spent with Kimma! She fed me extra helpings of Inspiration Fruit Salad all month and we just hung out and did all sorts of fun baking and making cookies and decorating the Palace! It was great fun!

King Daveau this month was concerned about warming temperatures on Sarillion during the winter months. Did that concern you at all?

Getting worried isn't my job! As a Joy Plant Baby, my job is to help my caretaker whenever they're feeling concerned! So when King Daveau was worried about the climate, Kimma would power up her Hope Plant Baby and me and we would help him see the bright side-that Sarillion is full of amazing Idea Seekers and Allies willing to help fight off any climate crisis!

So what's next for Joy?

Kimma and I are heading down to the Beach to stop in at the New Year's Party in the Restaurant! A new year is always so full of joy and possibility! I'm gonna dance up a storm! I'll see you there!

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