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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Juliet Suda - Age 9 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Drving them away with humans is best because we maye able to study the and test on them asking ourelves why they do this.If we drive them away with natural predators, in the future, they could change their ways and eat the animal we are trying to save and may even harm the eviroment that animal is living in. You shouldn't drive them away with chemicals because it can/ will polute the enviroment and make the land unsafe to the animals who get their meals underground. The chemicas may spread into the water and pollute it too. That will make it unsafe to drink. All animals that are going to live their must drink water. These are my reasons why we shouldn't drive them away with predators or peskaside.

Start an Animal Adventure today to submit your comment!

Team Animal Fact of the Week


My team animal is a whale and it is very large. It weighs over 10 -80 tons. i would save the whales my making them ilegly to hunt or hurt and anione who hurts the anmimal goes to jail for 5 years!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Swati - 11 - Team Pink Leopard - INDIA

The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter enlists the help of [YOUR TEAM] to help with his studies about the warming winter temperatures on Sarillion! The Team is more than willing to help, but soon, Skeeter is passing along all the studying and work to them! Sloth Cloud is still trying to affect Skeeter's thinking! What Plant Baby should [YOUR TEAM] use to get Skeeter back on task? Write the rest of the story.

Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Skeeter, he was of 13. He was very curious to know about things. He mostly liked to study about the warming winter temperatures on Sarillion. But the Darkness of Dumbness did not liked it cause he wanted that after knowing about warming winter temperatures on Sarillion the boy can foil his plans to rule on the planet. So he sent SLOTH CLOUD to the capture the boy's mind and thinking.

Sloth Cloud reached to the boy and tried to capture Skeeter's thinking but to his bad luck Maria Owl and Ginger Curi was present with Skeeter in his home, they had came to help Skeeter to study about warming winter temperatures on Sarillion. Maria and Ginger were both an Idea Seekers. They attacked Sloth Cloud with the help of there Plant Baby PERSISTENCE. That time Skeeter was saved but Sloth Cloud did not loose. He again came to Skeeter that time Skeeter was alone at home. Sloth Cloud got chance and he controlled over Skeeter's mind. As Skeeter was a true lover of Sarillion the affect was less. But Skeeter could not concentrate on the study of warming winter temperatures on Sarillion. Soon Skeeter was the slave of the Darkness. He became too lazy.

Brainy Eva was a best friend of Skeeter. She was also neighbor of Skeeter. She went to Skeeter's house always.Next day She went to Skeeter's house, She found that Skeeter's room was in a bad condition, he had not done his homework, his room was dirty and he was sleeping on his bed as he was ill. When Brainy Eva asked Skeeter what happened to you? Why are you so lazy? Skeeter said You be out of my work and life.

Eva doubted. She went to MARIA Owl, GINGER Curi, BECKI Broom, Alpha Liji, Alpine Coha, Amia Cavo, Angela Cobo, Ant Bini, Apricot Lomi, Band Baje, and other members of team Pink Leopard in their meeting room.Then all the team members thought ideas to save Skeeter. They powered up and bought Persistence Plant Baby to attack on Sloth Cloud. They went to Sloth Cloud and challenged him. All of them attacked with their PB. Sloth Cloud called his army. They fought bravely and intelligently. At last Sloth Cloud was defeated and Pink Leopard won the war.

Skeeter was well now and started to study about warming winter temperatures on Sarillion and he got to know about many things and many ways how to protect Sarillion. Write Me A Story


The Reindeer, The Jingle Bells, And The North Pole

Santa sat down eating his Mince Pies after feeding the reindeers, before the big sleigh ride tonight.

"Oh, can you hear that?" asked Ms. Claus to her husband.

"Yes, what is it?" Santa Claus got up out of his chair and checked out of the window filled with snow.

Ms. Claus was busy knitting jumpers to go in Santa's sack for the presents.

"It's that Rudolph again playing the jingle bells."

"Go out and tell him..."

"But... but it's freezing on Christmas Eve down here in the North Pole."

Santa put on his shiny black boots to go outside and talk to Rudolph.

"Rudolph! Please stop making that racket."

"Sorry Santa, I just... I'm so excited it's Christmas Eve," Rudolph always played the jingle bells at Christmas time, but Santa had had enough of Jingle Bells.

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