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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kylie, 10, USA

One day Spec and the Plant Baby Confidence set out on a mission to Blaycor, after their long journey they finally reached Blaycor, they opened their space ship's door all of the "people" looked at them. They had no clue who they were and why they came, after at least 1 minute of staring Spec spoke up (they had no idea what he was saying) so they just went back to their daily stuff.á Now Confidence was trying to talk...Spec said they probably don't understand you.á Confidence tried one more time, a short 7 inch man walked up and started moving his hands in different ways.

They went in their rocket and ate lunch and started thinking about what that man did. Confidence thought maybe they were doing a dance, Spec thought that he was using a weird languge. Spec told Confidence what he thought the man was doing. They went to bed after 4 hours. After they woke they started speaking to each other and finally said maybe they used sign languge. They went back to the town and tryed using sign languge to talk. IT WORKED !!!! Now they went and told the man to get the message of peace to the familys that needed it, their mission was complete!!!á Write Me A Story

Tabitha, 15, USA

Mr. Trey fingered the fragile leaves of the young tree. This is why he had become a science teacher. Creation was so beautifulů and so peaceful. His class was supposed to be going to Nature Refuge for a field trip next month, and the Principal had asked Mr. Trey to come and check it out first. The only problem was, Mr. Trey was supposed to be packing right now. He was going on vacation to Antarctica for a week. Not a lot of people in their right minds just saunter off to the Frozen North for a vacation, but Mr. Trey had a good friend who lived there named Albert.

Albert worked at a research laboratory base, and once a year Mr. Trey would travel there to help Albert study and gather scientific data. It was very dangerous work, but Mr. Trey didn't mind too much. Mr. Trey sighed, and then moved along. Daydreaming wasn't going to get him very far, and if he wanted to get to the research base on time, he had to hurry. But, of course, Mr. Trey kept admiring the beauty around him as he went along. What a wonderful baby planet.



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