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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Dumonde, you wanted to talk to us about the recent Sloth Cloud sighting in the Waterfall. What's up?

Spec, Tra and I had just stopped in at the Island Apparel Shop to buy some swimwear to go swimming at the Waterfall. I was really excited, because it's still winter where I live on Earth, so swimming in January is a real treat for me! But when we got to the Waterfall, there was trash littered everywhere!

What did it come from?

I'm not sure, but Spec said some of it looked like materials that the King's workers were using to rebuild the Courtyard Stage. Can you believe it? They go to all that trouble to use reclaimed wood, and then they get lazy about where they put the trash from the job! It must have floated to the Waterfall from the Palace! It must have traveled down the river into the ocean, and then made its way there.

So what does this have to do with Sloth Cloud?

Well, it's my guess that he was clouding the workers to think that it wasn't a big deal to just leave all kinds of trash lying around. It's just the sort of thing he'd try! Plus, when Spec, Tra and I tried to get some other Idea Seekers to help us clean the Waterfall up, they'd look at us and say, "oh, it's ok, someone else will get it."

Spec and Tra heard from some of their Cloud Hunter friends that something might be happening at the Waterfall on Monday. We all need to keep an eye out!

Thanks for the heads up, Dumonde. Everyone, be on the lookout! What's going to happen in the Waterfall on Monday?

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