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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Tilly Crash - Age 22 - From AUSTRALIA

Well, i think if we use less water, the animals get a chance to live life %100! It's not far if animals don't get a chance to have fun because of us. Also, if we use less water, the world will have more water and everyone will get water. This will also stop droughts and other things from happening. If the trees and grass and plants don't get enoungh water, a fire could start. Especially people who live in Australia. I live in Australia, I know what it's like to go without having baths and having sprinklers to keep you cool in the summer. I know what it's like to not have a hot WATER bottle in winter. I know what it's like when your not %100 clean and you have to stop taking a shower. I know what it's like for those poor animals. It's so sad to watch thursty animals walking arround. And it's all because of us. We have to stop using so much water. Then the plants that arn't ment to be there will die because there is too much water. Then, we can live in peace.

Start an Animal Adventure today to submit your comment!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Anna Demi - Age 12 - Team Yellow Leopard - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

the leopard is the only big cat that also climbs trees to catch its preys.if there are no trees,the leopards won't be able to hunt.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Abigail - 13 - UNITED KINGDOM

The story continues from this beginning:

The year is ending and Queen Keyara is throwing a New Year's party in the Restaurant on the Beach to celebrate! Dumonde and Riley get to work installing special energy-saving solar yard lights that absorb solar power in the daytime and will light up the Restaurant at night. Skeeter, however, refuses to help. ''I did so much work for the King this month already, you guys can do it without me!'' Dumonde and Riley think Proud Cloud has made Skeeter too full of himself! Good thing Riley has his Humor Plant Babies with him! Write the rest of the story.

Go on Riley said Dumonde show him what you've got. Ok thanks says Riley to he sneaks over to Skeeter and says what do you call a stick that never comes back? i dunno Skeeter says unsatisfied. i boomerang! Skeeter was trying not to laugh because Riley didn't know he said stick and boomerang the wrong way round. opps said Riley not suspecting if Skeeter was laughing then he said what do you call i dog that picks up calls? what! says Skeeter trying not to laugh. a golden receiver! Skeeter bursts out with laughter he couldn't stop he calmed down after 5mins and said ok mabye i could help thats what friends are for :) and it turned out that Skeeter did most of the help because he was so filled with joy and when they told the Princess she gave him a kiss and from then on was never selfish! so that shows if helping people you will get pleasure back. Write Me A Story


It was time for me to go to the sport arena. I arrived there very soon and the clown was on the stage. Every one was yelling saying, "Blow the party horn, blow the party horn."

The clown looked in his pocket where the horn was, but it wasn't there any more. He looked all over, but couldn't find it. So the show couldn't go on.

The manager asked, "Clown, were is the party horn?"

The clown said, "I have no idea where it is."

It was okay, because gladly the sport arena manager brought free new shoes for every one. When he was handing them out, he found the party horn in his coat pocket. So before every one left, he let every kid blow the horn and they all got little mini party horns.

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