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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 12, 2009 - Issue #62  
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Princess Kimma

About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

Kimma, are you excited about the success of your Fountain of Giving campaign to help the animals?

It succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! If you remember, we set the goal at 500,000 Virtual Points, but that goal was reached in the first few days! So my father, King Daveau, issued a challenge to see if we could get all the way to a million!

And he offered something to sweeten the pot for the Idea Seekers and Allies, didn't he?

Yeah, the free Super Snack was a great idea! While we worked so hard to raise money for the animals, my dad reminded everyone how important it is to keep their Plant Babies powered up too! And there's no easier way to do that than with a Super Snack. Oh! Did you know that Idea Seekers can now make any Super Snack they want?

Yes, we heard that! We discuss it in this issue's Special Feature, actually. And it's a good thing, because we've heard there's reason to keep our Plant Babies powered up, right?

Oh, you must be talking about the arguments Proud Cloud is starting! Oooh! He can be so frustrating sometimes, making everyone think they're better than everyone else! Good thing Riley lent me one of his Humor Plant Babies for the party this weekend. Not only will he entertain everyone with jokes, but he'll make sure I remember not to take things so seriously all the time! Proud Cloud is powerless when you can just laugh him off!

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