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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Cricket Robin - Age 14 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

We should promote green building in order to keep the oxygen, clothes, and food in our world. It is needed for our very existence. All nature works together to allow life as we know it.

Start an Animal Adventure today to submit your comment!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Angela Cure - Age 13 - Team Purple Tiger - From UNITED KINGDOM

These are some types of Tigers: Cuspain, Bengal, Malayan and Indochinese. The Tiger is the biggest out of the cat family.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter and Dumonde are hard at work helping clean up the recyclable trash at the Waterfall! Their friend, the talking dog Riley, is just sitting around trying to talk to all the girl Idea Seekers and Allies that are helping too! Skeeter and Dumonde see that he's distracting everyone from cleaning. Sloth Cloud Sickness is spreading! Dumonde thinks they need a Persistence Plant Baby to help, but he and Skeeter forgot theirs! What should they do? Write the rest of the story.

One day, Skeeter and Dumonde were out at the waterfall picking up the recyclables. "You know, Riley, you COULD help us instead of just sitting around TRYING to talk to the ladies." Skeeter said to Riley in a nasty tone. "I'll help if I wanna help." Riley said. "A good comeback." Dumonde said to Skeeter as they were lifting a very heavey chunk of wood that was in reusable condition. "No it's not!" Skeeter shouted. "Must I remind you..." Riley started. Skeeter gave Riley a nasty look. He dropped the heavy chunk of wood right onto Dumonde's toe. "Ow!" Shouted Dumonde painfully. "Oh no!" On of the Idea Seekers yelled fritened. She dropped her newspaper. "Hey!" shreaked another girl. "That's a perfectly good recyclable!"

"What's wrong?" Riley asked. Skeeter was excited. For once Riley was caring about something else going on around him. One of the other Idea Seekers, named Katie Kibbles, picked up the paper. "Says here," Katie began. "That there's a bad case, stronger than ever before, of Sloth Cloud Sickness going around!" Everybody dropped what they were doing. "Where are all the Persistence Plant Babies when you need them?" Dumonde shouted, kneeling on the ground, looking up at the sky. "Unfortunately," Riley said. "They're in for their checkups." "All of them?" Katie asked. "Yes." Said Riley.

"Hey!" A small non-Idea Seeker squeaked. "Maybe, just maybe, we don't NEED a Persistence Plant Baby. Maybe, we can use a different kind!" Wows, great ideas, that's perfects, and more were filling the area. So, they did. Unfortunately, none of them were able to. Some the Idea Seekers didn's even be able to fight, even when armed with MANY MANY Plant Babies. Then, that same girl got an idea. "The Plant Baby Forces!" The small girl yelled. Everyone had a confused expression on their faces. The girl pulled a picture that she drew out of her pocket. It had every single Plant Baby known to man. So, they tried it. It too had no efect on the Sloth Cloud Sickness. Suddenly, many Persistence Plant Babies came out into the area all the people were in. Everybody cheered and everyone set off to fight of the Sloth Cloud Sickness. But, to this day, Sloth Cloud Sickness can still be caught. Wht you must do is try to keep it away. Although, it will never go away from our world intill we can fight it off for good.

The End Write Me A Story


It was Valentine's Day. Everyone was handing out Valentine cards. A girl named Katherine looked through her Valentine pile. She read every card one by one. Then Katherine picked up a red card with white lace.

"Hmm, who is this from?" wondered Katherine. She opened it up. It was from a secret admirer. "Hey, a secret admirer!" said Katherine happily.

Her teacher Mrs. Gorden walked over to Katherine. "That's exciting Katherine," said Mrs. Gorden.

"I wish I knew who it was," sighed Katherine. But she was very happy.

When Katherine went home, she was eager to break the news to her mom. "Mom! Mom!" shouted Katherine running through the door.

"Yes?" said her mother.

"I got a secret admirer card today!" said Katherine almost out of breath.

"Wow!" said her mother. "I bet you were happy."

"I was now I have to get ready for the Valentine's dance," said Katherine and ran to her room. Katherine put on a pretty red dress. "I look great," she thought. "Bye Mom," Katherine said and walked out the door.

When Katherine got to the Valentine's dance, music was playing, people were dancing, and there were heart shaped cookies on a tray.

"Great!" said Katherine and started to dance.

Just then, Justin, a boy from Katherine's class asked, "Want to dance?"

"Sure," replied Katherine.

"Katherine, I want to tell you something," said Justin.

"What is it?" asked Katherine.

"I gave you that secret admirer note," said Justin.

Katherine was speechless. "You did?" she finally said.

"I did," said Justin quietly.

"Well, I loved the Valentine," said Katherine. "This is the best Valentine's day ever!"

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