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Super Snacks just get easier to make!

Want a real easy way to keep your Plant Baby powered up? Feed them a Super Snack! Each Planet Baby has their favorite-for example, Patience Plant Baby loves Scripting Soup! A Plant Baby's favorite Super Snack will fully power them up, no matter how low their energy level is. But they can eat other Super Snacks, too-those will completely fill their hunger fighting level.

To make a Super Snack, you can grab any ingredient of your choice available in the following spots:

  • The Restaurant
  • The Village
  • Help Hut Room 2
  • And some ingredients have to be purchased at one of the Hunger Item Shops, like the one in Kapokville.

Allies can make one Super Snack depending on which Role they are. But Idea Seekers can make any Super Snack they want! Just head to the Palace Grounds and stop by the Super Snack Maker to see which Super Snack you can make and which ingredients you need!

Sarillion Monitor

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