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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 26, 2009 - Issue #64  
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Clouds Threaten Super Snacks!

The Darkness of Dumbness has sent Angry Cloud back to Sarillion to cause trouble! This time, he's trying to halt the production of Super Snacks so that Plant Babies go hungry! Angry Cloud has started fights between Idea Seekers over who gets the ingredients available at the Help Hut, Restaurant, and Village on Manabel Island!

Proud Cloud has been starting trouble as well! Idea Seekers across Sarillion have been spotted ignoring their Plant Babies, choosing instead to concentrate on their appearance and making sure they have the best and latest clothes, vehicles, and toys! Meanwhile, Plant Babies across Sarillion are going into stasis and not moving because they are not being fed!

King Daveau has sounded the alarm! For this week's Training Mission, all Teams are asked to make as many Super Snacks as possible. The Idea Seeker who makes the most Super Snacks will be awarded 2000 Virtual Points, which will count toward their Team Score! Head to the Palace to find out how to make a Super Snack!

Sarillion Monitor

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