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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Lacey Squirrel - Age 13 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

What do i think about garbage dumped in our wetlands and what we should do about you ask? Well,i think that it's disgusting and harmful to the enviorment. I also think that police should patrol there and put signs that they will fine you if you litter. I also think that we should clean up the wetlands, because it's are mess. And i know you wouldn't like if it somebody trashed your home and didn't pick it up. Animals have fellings to.Yet,some people don't care and they don't think it's a big promblem, but it is.

Start an Animal Adventure today to submit your comment!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Fabien Sunflower - Age 12 - From SRI LANKA

"The leopard is one of the four big cats of the genus Panthera" They prefer to be loners as in they dont travel or hunt in packs usually. The leopard usually likes to stalk their prey from the branches of trees. You usually dont see leopards hunting during they day because they usually prefer hunting at night. They find their prey by using two of their five senses, sight, and sound. And hear this leopards can hang upside down from tree branches. Leopards live usually around to twenty years.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Rachel - 12 - AUSTRALIA

The story continues from this beginning:

Kimma has been serving organically-grown snacks all weekend at the party in her room--the Maneor's Mongo Tacos and Manabel Mac n Cheese were all prepared locally with organic ingredients! But Riley doesn't seem to appreciate that the food is environmentally friendly. ''Bleaugh! Why didn't Kimma get brand name stuff? This organic stuff is boring!'' Uh-oh! Gluttony Cloud has clouded Riley into thinking that organic food is no good! Where can Kimma find a Balance Plant Baby to help break Gluttony Cloud's spell? Write the rest of the story.

Well eventually Kimma decided to shut her business for a while to help her mate get over his problem!

Then Kimma took Riley for a quick Jog run to the forest!

"See Riley, this is why, I sell organic food so people AND the enviroment are healthy" Riley stared at Kimma in a mean way and barged off.
"Oh dear!"
Pretty soon, Kimma started searching for a Balance Plant Baby.
After a short while Kimma got tired of searching and decided to have a short nap.

Soon, Riley came back and rudely woke up Kimma,
"What was that for?" Kimma asked in a demanding voice,

"This Cloud is sooooo annoying!
I need something to make me feel better!"

Then suddenly Kimma quickly got up out of bed went insdie her store made Riley drink a organic smoothie and pretty soon the Gluttony Cloud had disappeared.

Since the smoothie was so healthy it made Riley's thoughts healthy and then Riley agreed to stop moaning for a while, and that day Kimma found a Balance PB but then didn't need it so she planted it in her organic garden! Write Me A Story


Hi, I'm Robot. I live in a little laboratory. My inventor is Dr. Sigglesmirf, and I call him Dud because I'm one of the only working inventions he made. I think he is an inventor. I'm throwing him a party and it's going to be radical. The surprise party is later this afternoon. Here's my checklist: napkins-check, plates-check, eating utensils-check, chips-check, pizza-check, pop-super check! Guests-they all replied so check! Balloons, uh, oh no! We have no balloons. Dud loves balloons, it wont be the same with out balloons. It's okay if I calm down I'll go to the town General Store and get some balloons.

The town General Store was out of balloons so I went to the grocery shop. Hmm, I wonder where the balloons would be. Oh party supplies, duh. Okay balloons, oh no. The two stores in the entire town don't have any balloons and the nearest town was 65 miles away. I can't drive there because no one owns a car here.

The robot went back tot eh laboratory. I can make balloons! Ok I'll need plastic, string, and pressurized air, because I'm a robot and robots don't breathe. The robot went back to the General store.

"Hello Ma'am."

"Hello Robot."

"I need string, plastic and pressurized air."

"I'm sorry Robot, but the whole town's out."



Robot whispered something.

"Yes, we do have lots of those and the machine too."

Back at Dud's lab the party was about to begin. "Everyone quiet, he's coming," Robot said.

Creak went the door and everyone yelled, "Surprise!"

"Oh this is amazing! Robot, did you plan all this?"

"Yes Dud, because I love you. Do you like the bubble balloons?"

"Oh Robot, those are my favorite part I love you too."

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