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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 26, 2009 - Issue #64  
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New clothes at Kimma's-on sale now and coming soon!

Kimma's stocking her Care Shop and Disguise Shop with great new disguises and clothing items for Spring! Each item was designed and submitted by Idea Seekers and Allies like you! Here's a list of what your fellow Idea Seekers and Allies have designed for you:

  • Boy & Girl Cloud Hunter Skater Cap, t-shirt and headphones, cargo shorts, shoes, and board-available in Kimma's Car Shop and designed by Kallie Sassy
  • Boy & Girl Reminder Ceremonial Hair, robes and sandals-available in Kimma's Disguise Shop and designed by Lyric Rithu
  • Spec & Tra's Cheerleading disguises-coming soon to Kimma's Disguise shop and designed by Crissy Guitarist
  • Riley's Roller Ref and Roller Girl disguises-coming soon to Kimma's Disguise Shop and designed by Dexx Haley

Remember, you can print out a form to draw your own Idea Seeker disguises in the Reminder's Healing Center!

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