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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 26, 2009 - Issue #64  
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Changes are coming to your Home Page-for Allies too!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. Idea Seekers have been seeing some changes on their Home Pages, starting with a new way to find all their favorite activities! Now when you go to your Home Page, you'll see an image of your House's yard on top of the screen! It looks like the image below:

Just use your Mouse to find all your favorite activities: powering up your Plant Baby at Plant Baby Central; decorating your House; Playing the Sarillion's Climate Crisis Games; even walking and chatting in the Idea Seeker Universe! It's all there at the top of your Home Page!

You may have also noticed that your Home Page has been redesigned! King Daveau's Idea Seeker Prophets and Distillers have been hard at work redesigning the Home Pages. Use the "Contact" button on the new Home Page and let us know what you think!

Allies! Click on your name in the top navigation on your screen to find the top portion of your new Home Page! New users who have just signed up will be taken right to their Home Page, where they can find their Seed Pod, set up their Plant Baby Playhouse, and choose their Role! Allies can use their Home Page as an easy place to find all these activities. Just click on your name or "My Home Page" in the top navigation to find it!

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