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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 20, 2009 - Issue #66  
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Tra and Greedy Cloud

About an Idea Seeker - Tra and Proud Cloud

Tra was scheduled for an interview with the Sarillion Monitor this week, but was held up by Warrior Drones and unable to make the interview. As we at the Monitor tried to decide who we'd interview in her place, along came a wispy purple haze that took form and became Proud Cloud! Proud Cloud demanded an interview.

Proud Cloud, what are you doing here? Did you keep Tra from making it to this interview?

Don't ask questions about her! I'M here, and I'M more important anyway!

Um, then why are you here, if you don't want us to ask you questions?

You'll ask me the questions I want you to ask me! I'm the most important person here, so I'm callin' the shots! Now ask me why I'm here!

I thought we just did? OK, why are you here?

To talk about how pointless it is to worry about things going on somewhere on another planet that doesn't even concern anyone on Sarillion!

Are you referring to the Elf Island portal on Washi? Which is a moon, by the way, not a planet.

Do I look like I care what Washi is? That's my point! What does it matter? Who cares if some Elf planet's animals need saving? The people of Sarillion should only worry about themselves. If everyone just took care of themselves, then no one would need help, right?

But Proud Cloud, you know that sometimes people can't help it if they're in trouble! If everyone thought like that, it could have a bad impact on the Idea Seeker Universe.

SHHHH! That wasn't a question, was it? Stick to the questions, fools!

Um, sorry. *sigh* What should we ask you next?

Ask me about the best ways to use as many natural resources as possible to make yourself look good and happy while everyone else wastes their time helping others! HAHA!

Look, I'm sorry, but we're just not going to ask you that.

[NOTE: At that moment, Tra finally made her way into our studio with a fully powered-up Humor Plant Baby!]

TRA: Oh, why look who it is! Someone's been busy turning Idea Seekers into his Warrior Drones by convincing them to look out for themselves instead of others!

PROUD CLOUD: ARGH! It's you! I thought I was going to keep you away from and your...AUGH! I HATE Humor Plant Babies! I'm out of here!

Whew! Thanks for the save, Tra.

TRA: No problemo, guys! Just goes to show you that it's always a good idea to keep your Plant Babies powered up, because you never know when one of those nasty Clouds is going to try to ruin things!

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