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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 3, 2009 - Issue #67  
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Spec and Tra

About an Idea Seeker - Spec and Tra

Spec, what's up with your sister? She doesn't look very good!

SPEC: Oh, you know how she is-she's always jumping into things without thinking first! So when our pal Dumonde had a cookout in Kapokville today, she was so hungry that she ate and ate and ate and didn't even think about stopping!
TRA: Oooooh, I should have thought about stopping...
SPEC: So she has a bit of a tummy ache.

Wow. Where were your Balance Plant Babies? They would have come in handy.

TRA: Ugh... I didn't even think to bring them along.
SPEC: Like I said, you know my sister-plan ahead? Not likely! I had my Balance Plant Baby along, which was a good thing-all sorts of kids at the cookout were stuffing their faces! In fact, I suspect there was a bit of Gluttony Cloud Sickness going around.

We've actually heard that all of the Clouds have been much more active lately. In fact, King Daveau announced this week that the Training Mission is all about working on Cloud Hunter skills in order to find and fight all the Clouds.

SPEC: Really? Holy hoverboards! We're both Cloud Hunters! Tra, we've got to get our Team organized and ready to go! No time to rest! Let's get moving!
TRA: But...oof, wait! Too! Spec, come back! Ugh, now who's jumping in without thinking? Any of you guys have a Patience Plant Baby handy? I left mine on Machoo.

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