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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Sofia Lazo - Age 13 - From PHILIPPINES

i think they must implement laws to stop destroying the animal's habitats for contructing buildings or clearing them for subdivisions. Yes, tall buildings, huge malls and subdivisions may be nice to look at and a gain in our part. yes, it helps our economy. but look! the animals are slowly drowning the the dangerous waters of extinction. each one them. because people are destroying the only home they have known. they are living peacefully in their habitats. why do we need to go their and destroy it? we need this stop. or else, the animals, who is a big help to use in a way or another, will be gone.

Start an Animal Adventure today to submit your comment!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Kayla Sati - Age 9 - Team Blue Fish - From NEW ZEALAND

An Clown fish always gets away from danger sometime these fish can die from disease or they could be sick they live in the deep sea and they can do some things like humans do they can Eat, Breathe, See and swim but we are not exatly same fish has Gills, scales, Patterns.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Eva - 11 - IRELAND

The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde and Riley head to the Maze to play Hide-and-Seek, but when they get there, they see recyclable litter everywhere! They spot a group of Idea Seeker Allies and ask them to help clean up the Maze. But the Allies refuse! ''We have better things to do. Go do it yourself!'' Dumonde spots the purple mist of Proud Cloud! How can he and Riley uncloud the Allies? Could a Humor Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

"I know!" said Riley, "We should get a Humor Plant Baby to defeat that Proud Cloud. Then the Idea Seeker Allies will help us!"
"That's a great idea!" Dumonde replied. "You go to the shop and get one and I'll keep on the lookout for more crimes and evil Clouds."
"OK," said Riley, and he went on his way.
About 10 minutes later Riley returned with some bad news.
"All the Humor Plant Babies are sold out!" he said, sounding upset.
"What are we going to do now," replied Dumonde. "Wait! doesn't Kimma have a Humor Plant Baby?"
"That's perfect! said Riley. "I'll go talk to her.
15 minutes later Riley returned with Kimma and her Humor Plant Baby.
"Great!" said Dumonde replied. "OK, do your stuff," he said to the Plant Baby.
The Plant Baby defeated Proud Cloud and got a well deserved treat.
"We're sorry for what we said before," said one of the Allies. "Of course we'll help you recycle that litter."
So together they all cleaned up the rubbish and recycled it. And afterwards the all went out for pizza. Write Me A Story


Rochelle was very upset. Spring was here, and although she loved the flowers and nice days, she did not like baseball. Rochelle had two older brothers, and when spring came all they did was watch baseball, play baseball and talk about baseball. In the spring they never did anything with her, because they were too caught up in their favorite game. Not that they spent much time together anyway, since she was their younger, littler sister.

This spring Rochelle decided she would try to learn to like baseball, but when she watched it she didn't understand anything, and when she signed up to play, it was even worse. The cards she had bought were useless she thought, so she gathered them up and was going to throw them out. Just before she dumped them, her middle brother, Leo, stopped her and grabbed a card. He said it was one of the most rare cards there was, so he grabbed it and brought it to his room. Rochelle didn't know why she chased him and then cried when he wouldn't give it to her, she didn't even like baseball, but she did this anyway. Her older, more mature and understanding brother, Vance, gave her back the card and told her they would do anything for it.

Rochelle had a great idea. She said she wanted to spend the next day with them. Unfortunately, they had of course, a baseball game to attend. So they decided to take her with them and she really enjoyed it. Eventually over the years she became a real fan, and looked forward to every spring.

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