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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Trace Comet - Age 9 - From UNITED KINGDOM

we need to conserve water because for the animals that lived on the wetlands, were not the only ones who need water even the other animals need it to drink and live in the water so we have to conserve the water anywhere in the, sea, rivers, lakes and streams.

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Team Animal Fact of the Week

Goldi Briar - Age 10 - From AUSTRALIA

a panda has a lot of relatives and lives in japan and china.there black and white and is one of the animal icons in japan.pandas eat bamboo which is hard to eat but they have strong teeth.they live in quit places in japan or china.since people now know the panda the panda is in almost every continent.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde is helping Skeeter learn to build musical instruments out of recycled metal and other materials! However, as they walk down the street to the hardware store for supplies, they walk past a music store where Skeeter sees a shiny new saxophone in the window! ''Dumonde, you've gotta help me get that sax, man!'' Dumonde and Skeeter don't have the money for a new saxophone. Dumonde realizes that Desire Cloud is affecting Skeeter's mind! Which Plant Baby should Dumonde use to help clear Skeeter's head? Write the rest of the story.

"Skeeter dude we don't have the money to buy that!" said Dumonde. "i want that sax man" replied Skeeter. "I have a great idea! We can make money by taking other people's recyclable stuff. We can ask our parents to give the cans and stuff to a recycle factory , and we can earn money!" said Dumonde. "I want that sax now!" replied Skeeter. Dumonde had enough of Skeeters whining so he went to his mothers garden. he searched through and found a Plant Baby. he went back to skeeter and put the Plant Baby next to Desire Cloud. After 2 minutes the Cloud was gone. The Plant Baby got rid of the Cloud and Skeeter now thinks about if he really needs something before he gets it. Write Me A Story

Grace - Age 12 - Australia

One day two girls named Minnie and Mickey were making a Father's day card for their dad during art class.

"No, you can't do that. I'm drawing a heart on my card!" yelled Minnie. She thrust her card into Mickey's face.

"But I did it first!" Mickey yelled back. She thrust her card into Minnie's face.

While she was showing Minnie her card, she accidentally knocked over a can paint. It splashed over Minnie's card. Her face went bright red. Minnie looked down at her ruined card. She picked up the glitter and tipped it on Mickey's work. Mickey looked down at her card. She picked up a pot of glue and tipped it all over Minnie's head. Minnie shivered as the glue trickled down her back. She picked up another can of paint and poured it all over Mickey's head.

The teacher came over and saw what had happened. She pointed to the door and said to them trying not to laugh, "Principle's office now."

After they had been cleaned up and laughed at numerous times, they went back to class. When they got home they showed their mum their soiled cards.

"I'm sure you father will love them," She said.

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