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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 2, 2009 - Issue #69  
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Hey you crazy cats, what's shakin'? My best boy Dumonde let me take over his column this week so I could tell you all about some crazy changes you may have noticed in the Prophet's Observatory! As an Idea Seeker Prophet, I do my best to help others learn about their environment as much as they can so they can help predict how things will turn out if they don't act to be energy efficient and conserve resources today!

One interesting thing about my home planet of Earth is that it's covered with LOADS of water! And now there's an activity in the Prophet's Observatory that will help you see just how much covers the Earth! Click on the bouncing globe and it'll spin around while it's in your hands. When it stops, look to see if your thumb is touching land or water! Keep doing it and pretty soon you'll be able to realize just how much of my home planet is covered in water! Pretty jazzy, huh?

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