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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 9, 2007 - Issue #7  
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This week's interview is with Princess Kimma. She invited us to sit down with her in her room. But, when we arrived at the Palace we were taken into the Royal Palace Foyer for a very important announcement!

Kimma's Announcement:

Idea Seekers and Allies, I have news to share with you about a Climate Crisis that is happening right here, right now on our own special Planet Sarillion. Here's how it got started:

The people in Kapokville starting noticing a grayish-yellow haze over their city.

Master Idea Seekers Newah and Toosah were sent to the area to collect data and submit reports to the Council for their review. My father, King Daveau has just returned from this Emergency Council meeting where he met with Master Idea Seekers and Scientific Advisors to review the data.

The news I have to share with you, my friends, is not pleasant.

Master Idea Seeker Lahzar has officially announced a Level One Darkness of Dumbness Alert for the planet Sarillion. He thinks that the factories may be an important cause of the haze, but more research is needed to be certain. And, we believe that the Clouds of Chaos, and their leader, the Darkness of Dumbness, are involved as well.

We're calling on all Idea Seekers and Allies. We need your help to collect more data that can be analyzed by our scientific community. We need you to join this Adventure by doing the first climate crisis Expedition. We are counting on you to help solve the mystery of what is causing our global climate change.

Are there any questions from the audience? Yes - I'd like to recognize the reporter for the Sarillion Monitor.

Kimma, can you provide more information about the yellowish-gray haze? What could be causing it?

Of course, I am happy to share with you everything I know at this point.

Our beloved Planet has always had natural swings in climate that are caused by factors in nature such as volcanoes and other things that change our planet's level of C02 in the atmosphere. Research with tree rings and ice core samples show us that things have changed regularly even before there were many of us (Pleethars) on the Planet Sarillion. But now we think these natural changes are being affected by our growing population and what we are doing for energy, transportation, agriculture and other things. In particular, the city of Kapokville known as a beautiful place to vacation, has tripled in size with more people moving to live there and building more houses and factories. While the growth and prosperity may be nice, the extra CO2 emissions may be adding more greenhouse gases that help heat up our planet. This is such a complex issue that we are not certain about all the causes and how our Planet will be impacted, so we need your help to gather further data.

What is the Royal strategy - or plan of attack?

We need to learn more about the problem in order to have everyone working together to find a solution. We have set up learning in our Expedition process, scheduled to begin immediately. Anyone wishing to participate can talk to me after this event. I will have further instructions on how to begin.

Who can participate in the Expedition?

All Idea Seekers and their Ally friends can begin Expedition One immediately. As more Expeditions are introduced, some will be for Idea Seekers only. Teams may also form later for group activities.

How will the progress and findings be tracked?

A very good question. The Royal Palace is giving Expedition Planners to all Idea Seekers and Allies who wish to help. The Planner lists all of the current Expeditions and gives tips and clues for each step of the Expedition. It also helps you get organized, because it tracks which tasks you have already done so you can see your progress.

Tip: You can access your Expedition Planner from the button pad.

Why should Idea Seekers and Allies participate?

First, this is the only Planet we have, it's a special place so we have to stop wrecking it and keep it green.

Second, we aren't the only ones on this Planet. We have to learn how to share resources with the animals that live in the forests and oceans - we have to respect their right to be here too.

Third, no one person can solve this Climate Crisis on their own. We need to work together to collect ideas on how to solve the problem and in the process we may make a whole bunch of new friends.

We have to fight the Darkness of Dumbness and his evil Clouds of Chaos who I am sure are behind this problem. I know we can do it by working together, sharing ideas and coming to solutions. After all, that is what Idea Seekers like to do.

Thank you, Princess Kimma. We look forward to hearing more in the months ahead.

Ready to play Expedition One? Go find Princess Kimma in the Royal Palace Foyer. Log-in here to get started.

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