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We asked, and you answered! Here are the results from last week's poll questions.

Next week is TV - Turn Off Week! Are you going to turn the TV off for the whole week?

No - I can't go with out TV for that long. 41%
I only watch a little TV. 38%
Yes - it will be a nice break from TV. 20%

Speak out!

I love tv because there i programs which you can learn from so please please keep childrens tv on.
Shannon, 11, United Kingdom

Well, t.v. is really entertaining. the only bad thing about it is that if you watch too much of it, your eyes can get spoilt and electricity might go waste. so i don't see any harm in it if we watch half an hour everyday. so that's just what i'm going to do!!!
Priti, 11, India

I can rest-off telly for 1 whole week, easy!Glasses, no. telly, no. pc, No!
Andrew, 8, United Kingdom

I think that most ten year olds cant go that long with out tv
Jasmine, 10, USA

Never ever in your life watch too much tv! You are wasting the world's electricity. (Also, you will get glasses if you watch too much t.v. You wouldn't like glasses would you? Well that's not the point.)
Amber, 10, USA

I only get to watch 1 hour of tv a day, so it doesn't really matter to me. I bet my mom will see this and make me turn it off for the whole week. Oh yeah I love your new walk and talk chat!!!! Thanks for the cool site, - Bobby
Bobby, 12, USA

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