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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kristie, 11, Australia

Tra is shopping in her local farmers market. She likes to buy food that is grown locally because it helps the environment. Food grown far away would have to be driven in a truck to her city and that adds to pollution. She is having a great time looking at all the different types of fruit and vegetables in the market. She had just found some cheap Yum Yum Beets for her Confidence Plant Baby, Sunshine, when Gluttony Cloud jumped out from behind the Spotted Cupcakes stall in the Market and started eating all the food!

"OH NO!" cried Tra, "Now there won't be any food left for the shoppers! Or for me and Sunshine."

Tra didn't know what to do. Then "I know what to do!" she said. She started feeding Sunshine all the Yum Yum Beets and Spotted Cupcakes she could. Then she gave Sunshine her spare Glorious Gold Ring. Good thing I bought this, thought Tra. Eventually Sunshine was strong enough that she could ward off Gluttony Cloud and save the market.

The only thing left was... "Oops!" said Tra. "I'll pay for those!" Write Me A Story

Mads, 14, India

The Secondary School was celebrating Earth Day for students of classes IX and above. In fact, the school wanted to make the celebration fun and frolic. There were huge stalls selling little globes and things related to the Earth and the stalls were hung with dried leaves and pictures of planet Earth and prevention of "Global Warming". There were some classes, IX and X, students who spoke about pollution and Global Warming as well. Tons of games were there, as it was considered to be like a funfair to the students.

Forty-five minutes later, a situation shocked everyone in the fair. An alien appeared from nowhere and threw green ooze at one of the games! We did not know who he was, this green man with four pairs of eyes. All the students and teachers-in-charge screamed and ran out of the venue. The alien encounter stopped the fair and ruined the celebration. This is just a small piece of information about this incident to those who are interested in aliens. As far as I know this news piece has been published all over the world.



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