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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 9, 2007 - Issue #7  
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More fun with your character - are you already sitting in the Idea Seeker Universe? Click on chair-like objects to see if you can sit on them. For a laugh, sit down then wave–see what happens, it's a blast! If you get a chance to visit Fiona Zador's house, you can sit in front of her fish tank and see the fish swim-it's cool. Check it out now, because it might be gone tomorrow. Changing your room around is easy and fun. Add new furniture, change your wall or floor color, move things around in your room - that's what Idea Seeker's enjoy. Sound like fun? Join the Idea Seekers.

Idea Seekers can now find their Friends in the Idea Seeker Universe

  1. Select the My Friends button when you are exploring and chatting in the Idea Seeker Universe to find and join your friends when they are online. It's one of the benefits of being an Idea Seeker – find your friends easily so you can spend more time catching up on things or hanging out together.
  2. When the list of your friends pops up, select an action you'd like to take. You can choose to (J) Join your friend, (P) Go to your friends Home page, or (H) Visit your friends Idea Seeker House. But first, you need to setup a Friends List on your Idea Seeker Home page. Find other Idea Seekers you want to be friends with by checking out other kid's Idea Seeker Home pages.

Are you an Idea Seeker? Here's how to setup your Friends List:

  1. Go to your Idea Seeker Home page and click on the button to go to the Idea Seeker Search Page.
  2. Search for the Idea Seeker that you would like to invite to be your friend.
    Tip: You can search by Idea Seeker Name, Idea Seeker Role or by New Idea Seekers.
  3. Use the Idea Seeker's Name (link) to go to their Home page and look for the My Friends box on the left hand side.
  4. Select the purple Add to Friends button. They will get an e-mail notice and a starburst will show up on their Idea Seeker Home Page that you have invited them to be your friend. If they say yes, you're My Friends box will show their name and their My Friends box will show your name.
  5. Once they accept, you will see their name on your My Friends box and you can find them when they are logged on to the walking Idea Seeker Universe.
  6. That's it! Here's what it looks like when you go to check if your friends are online by using your My Friends button in the Idea Seeker Universe. Any of your friends that are online the same time you are will show up as On Line. You won't believe it! It is as simple as clicking on the J (Join button) to get sent to where your friends are and start hanging out and chatting together.

Want to learn more about signing up to become and Idea Seeker? Click here.

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