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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 23, 2009 - Issue #70  
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About an Idea Seeker - Skeeter

So Skeeter, we've heard that Riley's been having some trouble with Sloth Cloud? Do tell.

Dude! You know, it shouldn't be that big a deal. Riley fell behind in school a little bit last year because he spent so much time helping out the Idea Seekers. No big deal, right? It happens. But that means he has to make up a few courses with summer classes, and he's been looking for ways to get out of doing his work! Man, I tell ya, that crazy cat'll do anything to avoid work. I mean dog. That crazy dog.

Definitely sounds like he could use some help from a Persistence Plant Baby.

Man, you know it, chief! I mean, we've all been there, right? Like, I'll have to practice my saxophone scales for an hour, but I'll watch cartoons instead. That's Sloth Cloud Sickness! It happens to the best of us, but this is no time for it to happen to Riley! If he doesn't get caught up, he'll be so far behind he won't be able to help us Idea Seekers next year! How are we going to fight Angry Cloud without his jokes? We definitely need to get some Persistence Plant Babies powered up!

Is there any way the rest of us can help Riley?

The Training Mission King Daveau started this week is set up to help Riley, I guess. Help him pass Math, Science, Gym...Gym! Who ever needs to worry about flunking gym! That's crazy, but he needs your self! Get your teams organized, cats!

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