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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 23, 2009 - Issue #70  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week


The invasive species are a big threat to other wild animals living in the wetlands, they are vertually driving the other animals away and are causing all the aimals to leave the wetlands. All the animals who are being druven away from their homes are going to areas where there is not much, or might i say no food, because of this, many animals are getting lost, dying of starvation and sadly, are also killed by people who do not like all the lovely animals of nature.

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Team Animal Fact of the Week

Corie Canner - Age 11 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

i know polar bears are going extinct and leaving our world and i will not let that happen a polar bear is my favorite animal and the climit is changing i hope no i will not stand polar bears to die out we need to no we have to help this creature complet its life!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kathryn - Age 26 - Team Teal Seal - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

The story continues from this beginning:

Princess Kimma brings her Hope Plant Baby to the Hope Plant Baby Club's first meeting, but she's nervous because she still hasn't come up with a name for it! She's afraid that the rest of the club will make fun of her for not naming her Hope PB. When she gets to the club, the members of Team [YOUR TEAM HERE] are already introducing their PBs around the room! Kimma gets frustrated and stands by the door, not wanting to go in. One member of Team [YOUR TEAM HERE] sees her sulking in the doorway and sees Angry Cloud floating over her head! Can Your Team use Hope Plant Baby to make Kimma feel better and help name her PB? Write the rest of the story.

When Team Teal Seal member Glenna Yaps saw Angry Cloud she knew Princess Kimma was in trouble and needed to get the team together to think of a way to save her. "Let's give Angry Cloud a kick in the rear!" said Alan Hilly. "no we need to give a different Emotion for Angry Cloud to feel." said Glenna Yaps, "but what?" Julie Lali had an idea. "Let's give him tears of happiness, and whatever that happiness is we can use it to tell Princess Kimma we would feel it too if she came to join us." Johnny Lune looked in his backpack and pulled out a friendship bracelet he made just yesterday. "Let's put this around his wrist and tell him we want him to be our friend, but he chooses anger over "our friendship" he will not give it to him until he realizes he has no choice!" he said. "Let's do it!" the whole team shouted. Emily Raven spoke up to Angry Cloud and said "Hey Mr. Angry! How would you like to be our friend?" "No Thank you!" shouted Angry Cloud. We'll give you this friendship bracelet if you do but fist you have to do something for us. "Oh really? What?" said Angry Cloud "You have to give our team a compliment and we will do the same for you." said Johnny. "Well no one has given me a gift before so you've got a deal." So Angry Cloud Said "I think you guys take good take of the planet." Then Emily said to him I think that was the best thing you ever told us." Angry cloud could feel tears coming and fought to hold them back but in a matter of seconds he cried out 13 tears and then disappeared. Princess Kimma walked in and confessed that she had know name for her Hope Plant Baby. "I think you should call him Friendship #13" said Johnny "What a nice name but why #13?" The meeting continued on and Princess Kimma was moved to "tears of happiness" with this story. Write Me A Story

Amber - Age 10 - UNITED KINGDOM

Sam was full of sorrow. All he ever did was save people from fires and never had a break. What a great way to spend his birthday, alone in an empty fire station. Suddenly, "Bring, bring..." went the phone and Sam jumped up with fright.

"Hello, is this Sam the fireman."

"Please help me. I am at a parade, and the bell tower float has just burst into flames. Ah, my freedom flag has just burst into flames, help!"

Sam quickly located the caller and where they were coming from on his computer. "I know exactly where you are and I will be there right away."

Sam groaned as he put the phone down. "Why did he become a fire fighter?" he said to himself. Sam slid down the metal pole and started the engine of his lorry. He switched the sirens on and drove down the hill off to parade. "I really must get these sirens fixed. I am going to be deaf by the time I retire."

When Sam pulled up on the parade pavement he was in for a shock. There was no fire, just a massive parade with a banner saying, "Happy Birthday!"

His wife marched through the crowd and gave him a big hug. What a great birthday he had had. He grabbed some freedom flags and held them up in the air and announced, "I am not just a fire fighting man, I am a life saver, and oh boy I am proud of it!"

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