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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 23, 2009 - Issue #70  
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Hi! I'm Dumonde. I'm so excited that the new WowWee Alive™ Care Center is finally open! King Daveau's Idea Seeker Prophets have been working day and night overseeing the construction of the room to make sure that it's the most comfortable place a baby animal would want to be! Whether it's a seal pup or a white tiger cub, it's fun to hold them while they drink out of their little bottles or to feed them out of the coolers and buckets in the room! Just click on the bottles, coolers, or buckets of food to feed the animals, and even put them to bed! Whenever you help an animal your name will be added to the list of that day's helpers. You can find it by clicking the clipboard under the "Feed the Animals" sign!

There are also a pair of fun games you can play for Virtual Points in the Care Center! Play the "Who Am I" game to learn fun facts about the animals and earn 50 Virtual Points! And the Animal Concentration Game will earn you 20 Virtual Points every time you play! So what are you waiting for? The animals need you! Go check it out!

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