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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 6, 2009 - Issue #71  
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About an Idea Seeker - Spec

Spec, what's the story behind that video we saw you post on YouTube a couple weeks ago?

Oh, you saw that? Haha! My friends at asked me to do that for them. Some of their guardians had been reporting that the Idea Seekers were asking for more stuff in the Idea Seeker Park. They weren't sure what the kids exactly wanted, so they asked me to do that video! (Editor's note: you can see the video by clicking here.)

So, what did that accomplish?

I asked Idea Seekers to make their own videos in response to mine and tell me what they'd like to see in the Park! As you know, Idea Seekers have the sharpest minds in the Universe. Prophets, Distillers, Reminders-they all have great ideas for what to do in there!

Why are only Idea Seekers allowed in the Idea Seeker Park?

Well, Idea Seekers need a place where they can gather by themselves and share ideas about how to train and become Master Idea Seekers, like my Grandfather Lahzar or King Daveau and Queen Keyara. Sometimes they need a place a little quieter and more serene to learn all they can about the Essence of Good and fighting the Darkness.

That's a good point. And a note to our readers-if you aren't an Idea Seeker and want to upgrade to become one (and thus, be able to visit the Idea Seeker Park), all you have to do is click here to upgrade! Thanks Spec!

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