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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 20, 2009 - Issue #72  
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About an Idea Seeker - Kimma

Kimma, come in-can you hear us? We haven't done a remote interview like this in some time, and we only use radios this old when we need to broadcast in secret.

Hello? Is this the Sarillion Monitor? I can hear you-my friend Dumonde's two-way radio is broadcasting just fine. We should be on a frequency that the Clouds aren't listening to.

Kimma, why are you in hiding in the first place? You've never needed to hide like this before, have you?

Not in a long time! But Proud Cloud's really on the warpath right now. I've never seen him so strong! Dumonde and Skeeter are running into new Proud Cloud Warrior Drones all the time-Dumonde even was briefly clouded before his Humor Plant Baby helped clear his head! I'm nervous that Proud Cloud may find me and keep me from talking to the other Idea Seekers if he finds me, even though I have all my Plant Babies powered up! So I had Spec and Tra hide me from him.

That's very brave of Spec and Tra.

Isn't it? They're my best friends for a reason, especially Spec. I don't know what we Idea Seekers would do without him around! Oh, jeez, listen to me! Can you hear me blushing? Don't tell Spec I said *ZZZZZZZZZKKKKKKK*

Kimma? Kimma, come in! I think we've lost her.

Hello? Hello? Who is this? Where's that KIMMA? Tell me where she is!

Wait, someone's broken into the signal. Who is this? This isn't Kimma? Wait-is this PROUD CLOUD?

HA! I found the channel she's using to communicate! Now tell me where she is or I'll Cloud all of you!

You don't even know who we are and why she was talking to us! Get lost, Proud Cloud!

(And with that, we shut off our radio and ended the interview. Idea Seekers! Allies! Help Kimma by playing this week's Training Mission! She needs your help! Proud Cloud's obviously hot on her tail!)

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