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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Beckee Ranch - Age 11 - From UNITED KINGDOM

Conserving water from the wetlands is the best way to save the Sandhill Crane because the Crane needs the water to survive in its habitat also creatures like fish live in the waters there by providing food for the crane as well

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Ami Lemma - Age 9 - Team Green Salamander - From AUSTRALIA

salamanders can be all diffrent shapes and colours and there are none is australia none at all

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Riley's been spending so much time working with the Idea Seekers that he needs to make up some classes during the summer break! Dumonde and Skeeter walk Riley to class, but suddenly Riley stops in his path. "Guys, look! All those cute girls hanging out at the playground! Oh man, we've gotta go say hi!" Dumonde realizes that Riley's trying to get out of going to school because Sloth Cloud's filled him with Cloud Sickness! Can a Persistence Plant Baby help Dumonde and Skeeter put Riley back on the path to class? Write the rest of the story.

"Riley, no!" Skeeter yelled after his freind. "What are we going to do?" He asked as he turned to his other freind, Dumonde.

"I don't know, class starts in a few minutes, we have to think of something!" A Persistence Plant Baby had walked up to Dumonde and was pulling on his jeans for him to play.

"Aww, look Skeeter, it's a little Persistence Plant Baby!" He said to Skeeter.

"Not now Dumonde, we have to think of something." Skeeter ignored his freind's finding and continued thinking.

"Maybe he can help us..." Dumonde said quietly, thinking. After awhile, Dumonde yelled, "I got it! This Persistence Plant Baby will help him concintrate on the task, going to class! That's what Persistence Plant Babies do, right?"

"Yeah! Dude, you're right! Let's go, hurry." Skeeter looked at his watch. "Oh no! our class starts in a minute we better start being pretty persistent."

The duo reached Riley with the Plant Baby. With it's power, the Persistence Plant Baby cured Riley and the three made their way to class. Write Me A Story


Once upon a time, there was a boy parrot who was a pirate. He was the captain and his name was Parrotor. "Arrr, keep the sail blowing, matey!" he ordered as they sailed up the river.

His other animal friends obeyed. They did what Parrotor said because he was real nice to him. If the ship was sinking into quicksand and his friends saved him, he would bake them cookies and have a Thank You party. Suddenly, the sail tore in half. Parrotor hurried up and sailed to an island. He had to get to a shop to get it fixed, but Parrotor couldn't because he didn't have any money. The group traveled and stopped at a river full of candy coins. Parrotor thought they were real, but they were just candy. The candy coins were wrapped in yellow wrapping paper that looked like gold.

"We're rich, we're rich!" Parrotor excitedly yelled.

He picked up a hundred candy coins and stuffed them in a bag. The group headed to a repair shop.

"How much do you have to pay to repair a sail?" Parrotor asked.

The cat at the counter said, "Ten coins please."

Parrotor gave her ten candy coins.

The cat got angry and yelled, "I only take real coins, not candy!"

Parrotor was confused. He started to unwrap the wrapping paper. He put the chocolate candy coin in his mouth.

"Oh, I'm sorry. These are candy coins. Does anyone take this as cash?" Parrotor asked.

"There's Candytopia next to the town," the cat said.

"Thanks!" Parrotor said, as he headed out the door.

After they reached Candytopia, Parrotor went to the nearest repair shop and paid for the repair. When the sail was fixed, they headed on to look for treasure.

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