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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 20, 2009 - Issue #72  
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Plant Babies in Stasis!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. In the last few weeks you may have noticed that your Plant Babies have started looking different when they're not powered up. I mean, hopefully you haven't noticed, because you're always keeping them powered up, right? But if one of your Plant Babies has run out of Hunger Fighting and Anti-Cloud Fighting Power, it probably looks really sad. That's because it's gone into stasis. When a Plant Baby is in Stasis, it can't help you keep Cloud Sickness away! It can't walk with you around the Idea Seeker Universe, and you can't use it in certain games, like Cloud Fighting or the Cloud Dodge Training Mission.

Don't let your Plant Babies stay sad! Keep them powered up with items from any of the Hunger Fighting and Power Item stores! You can find them on Sarillion or by heading to the shopping page!

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