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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 17, 2009 - Issue #73  
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About an Idea Seeker - Varee, Skeeter's Persistence Plant Baby

Varee, you're Skeeter's Plant Baby, correct? How'd he come up with that name?

He took a long time to come up with it! He wasn't sure what to call me for a while, but I told him not to worry-it takes time to find the perfect one! I knew if he stuck to it he'd come up with a winner!

How do you help Skeeter to fight off the Clouds on a daily basis?

Skeeter powers me up before he practices his saxophone. He knows that Sloth Cloud is always willing to convince you that there are better things to do than work, but Skeeter is determined to be the best sax player he can be! So he keeps me powered up so I can encourage him and give him feedback. And I love it! I get down and dance to his funky jazz!

Are you excited to have your own theme month on Sarillion?

Oh, it's a huge honor, of course! Back to School time is the time that Idea Seekers and Allies need me most, so it's really great timing!

And how do you feel about Sloth Cloud's recent attacks on Sarillion, trying to keep kids from heading back to school?

It looks like we Persistence Plant Babies will be working overtime to show that baby blue ball of hot air that Idea Seekers are dedicated to working hard and learning as much as they can! Whenever Skeeter comes down with a little dose of Sloth Cloud sickness, I just remind him that the biggest jobs are the most rewarding ones to finish. "It's possible to move a mountain by carrying away small stones," I always say!

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