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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week


if we don't control these evasive species then these animals could go extinct ,and some of these animals play an important role in our way of survival. If we don't help more animals will become extinct as the domino affect. thats why we shuld help the animals in this enviorment.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Noble Rouge - Age 10 - Team Green Monkey - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Monkeys eat fruit and vegetables.There are many species of monkeys.Capuchin Monkeys can be pets in certain states such as Alabama.They are very smart animals and the capuchin monkeys can be used for service animals.They can turn on lights and press buttons and bring things to you.There natural weight is 2-4 pounds.Its height is around 12-24 inches.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Gabrielle - 10 - PHILIPPINES

The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter sees a shiny new saxophone in a store window. He really wants it even though the saxophone he made from recycled parts plays really well. Skeeter thinks he should forget the about his recycled saxophone and buy the new saxophone. Is Desire Cloud affecting his thinking? Can Gratitude Plant Baby help Skeeter? Write the rest of the story.

Skeeter was with Tra, Spec, and Dumonde. They were window shopping when Skeeter took a long look at one window.
"A saxophone?!?" he cried out in a loud voice. It was made of pure gold. "So...SHINY! But..."
Dumonde approached the drooling kid. "What's wrong, man?" "Look, Dumonde! It's a beautiful saxophone..."
"But," said Tra, "you got a recycled saxophone which plays very well! You don't need that anymore, my friend."
"Psst!" Spec whispered to Tra, "Maybe Desire Cloud is guiding Skeeter to the wrong path. If that's the case, we need Gratitude Plant Baby to guide him."
"You are right, Spec. Gratitude Plant Baby! We need your help!"
"Who dares to call that Plant Baby to tell poor Skeeter not to buy that,, shiny...whatever! Anyway, why not let Skeeter buy SAXOPHONE which is very beautiful and unique and shiny and--" It was Desire Cloud.
"No!" Gratitude Plant Baby! It was finally there.
"Oh no!" cried the Desire Cloud. "This can't happen! No, Gratitude Plant Baby. I will not give in to you anymore! Now, Skeeter will finally turn his back to recycling and start forgetting about Gratitude!"
"How will you do that, Desire Cloud?" said the clever Plant Baby. "Don't worry, kids. I got Desire Cloud's necklaces before I got here. I know she will still give in."
"WHAT?!?!" The Desire Cloud was furious. "No, I just bought those necklaces a minute before I came here! No, give it back!"
"Fine," said Gratitude Plant Baby. "Whatever you say. Just leave all these Kids here and help them recycle. This will be the last time this will ever happen. Is that clear? I will let you buy anything at all but just let the kids recycle and care for the environment."
"CLEAR AS CLEAR GLASS, my friend. I will leave the kids here in alone. Just set my poor necklaces free. Please??"
"As you say so." Gratitude Plant Baby gave back the necklaces from it's pocket. "I will know when you'll break your promise, Desire Cloud. You wouldn't know what I would get from you that time. And, cross my heart, I shall never give it back."
"Ugh," the Desire Cloud said. "Whatever you say." Then she left without saying goodbye.
"Yehey!" said Tra and Spec.
Gratitude Plant Baby approached Skeeter. "Skeeter, you already have everything you want and need. They are all recycled and looks very good. That saxophone will just do harm to the environment. Do you know what will happen when Mother Earth dies?"
The four of them looked down and felt so sorry. "Then we all die too," they all murmured at the same time.
"We do not want to die, now do we? Well, Skeeter, what will you do with that bad desire of yours?"
"Thank you, Gratitude Plant Baby. I am very grateful I am speaking to someone who has a pure heart like yours. Promise, dear one, I will never want to kill the environment just because of my foolishness and my desires."
"Now, that is it, I see," said the Plant Baby. "My work is now finished."
"GOODBYE, GRATITUDE PLANT BABY!" they all shouted. Write Me A Story


Parrot Pirate leaned his dirt covered face over a pile of mud, "Indeed, their must be some kind of water along this path."

He followed down the muddy path humming an old pirate tune, "La, la, la..."

Suddenly a big sweet scent filled the air. Parrot pirate sniffed around. "Chocolate," he said. "Pure chocolate."

In the background he could hear the sound of running water and the splish-splash sound from a nearby waterfall. He rushed down a rocky hill and saw from a near distance, a huge river. Fish were splashing around everywhere and frogs were hopping around everywhere. Parrot pirate could smell the sweet scent of chocolate getting stronger and he could see a big box sticking out of the water. He ran to it, not caring if his clothes were wet.

As he opened it, he suddenly yelled, "Yippee!"

Chocolate coins filled the box and Parrot pirate loved it more than gold.

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