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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Tilly Crash - Age 22 - From AUSTRALIA

Dumping your rubbish in a lake, river or even the bush land is a horrible thing to do to our wildlife. They mistake the platic bags as food, then choke and die. Also, the toxins in a rubbish bag dumped in a wet land can kill 3 turtles! This happens because one turtle eats the bag and sufficates, then once the turtle has died the plastic bag floats out from it's inside and is swallowed by another turtle, until the bag finaly decomposes to nothing. If we continue to pollute our wonderful waters with this gastly rubbish, there will be no more beatiful sunsets across the still water, there will be no lakes that are so still you can't tell if the reflection off them is the real thing or not, and there defenetly will be no more wonderful creatures, like the platapus in Australian waters, no more Tropical fish and no more colourful birds. Help fight for their freedom, as it brings much joy to others and yourself to see everything in your surrounding happy.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Maria Owl - Age 14 - Team Yellow Dolphin - From AUSTRALIA

Dolphins are sea animals, which feed on smaller fish than itself. a big point to remember about the dolphin is that it isnt a fish!
Dolphins sleep with one eye open, so that they are always aware of predators. They also swim in packs of 2 or more, for protection and company. Dolphins are threatened by fishers nets and rubbish in the ocean, but despite this they still swim freely and are as beautiful as always as they leap through the waves!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde is at the beach studying the effects of increased CO2 levels in the ocean. Suddenly, a huge bully walks up and kicks over his measuring tools to try to impress his friends! Dumonde is furious! How can he use his Patience Plant Baby to fight off Angry Cloud and show the bully he's not afraid? Write the rest of the story.

as the bully laughed and giggled, his friends cheered. "alright, you guys want more? ok!" the bully said. he kicked Dumonde in the stomach. as Dumonde toppled over, Angry Cloud filled all of his mind. all he could think about was anger, revenge, and fighting the bully. and thats what he was gonna do. Dumonde jumped up and tried to headbut the bully in the stomach, but luckily, Riley and Tra were sitting in the chairs behind him. Riley blocked Dumonde from hitting the bully. "OUTTA MY WAY RILEY, OR I'LL HEADBUT YOU TOO!" Dumonde screamed. Riley got scared and blocked himself, too. Tra grabbed Dumonde from the back. Dumonde stopped and stuggled, trying to break free. "LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET! ME! GO! NOW!!!!!!!!" Dumonde was screaming at the top of his lungs. it was so loud that everyone else came running. soon Spec, Kimma, Skeeter, and a Patience PB were standing around Dumonde. "Dumonde, dude calm down." Skeeter said. "i dont want to!" Dumonde yelled. that started an arguement.
"i said calm down!"
"be quiet!"
"you be quiet!"
"shush yourself!"
the two boys kept yelling at each other until Patience stepped in. "i think-" he started. "Dumonde, beat up the bully then lets get out of here!" said Angry Cloud. "alright." Dumonde said. 10 minutes later, everyone was scratched up, including the bully and Angry Cloud. "this isn't working Spec. we tried breaking up Dumonde and the bully, no such luck. we tried waba-kicking Angry Cloud, nope. we even tried getting others to help, but no." Tra said. "man im tired..." Tynan Viper said. "yeah us too." Eliza Zinky and Bella Cura said at the same time. "i got an idea!" said Keara Lolo. they each huddled together to discuss the plan. when we were done, we got right into action. but unluckily,Dumonde and Angry Cloud had a plan of theyre own. Angry Cloud, Desire Cloud, Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud, Jealousy Cloud, The Darkness, Gluttony Cloud, Greedy Cloud, and Dumonde were all formed in a line, ready to fight. but the others weren't gonna give up. Tynan, Eliza, Bella, Keara, Kimma, Spec, Tra, Skeeter, Riley, and Patience also formed a line, and were also ready to fight. it was Good Vs Evil. Tra and Spec tried out theyre new waba fighting move. Proud Cloud and Angry Cloud were flying toward them. they jumped onto each others boards, succeding. the two clouds flew past and they both hit chairs. meanwhile, Tynan and Greedy Cloud were fighting like mad. Greedy Cloud kicked, Tynan blocked. Tynan punched, Greedy Cloud dodged. and they were doing it fast too. Eliza and Bella were fighting off Gluttony Cloud. Keara and Riley teamed up against Jealousy Cloud and Desire Cloud. it was Skeeter vs Dumonde. "Dumonde, i dont want to hurt-" Skeeter started. "HI-YA!" Dumonde screamed, doing a karate kick. Skeeter dodged, then sighed. 'i have to fight him' Skeeter thought. Dumonde and Skeeter started fighting. the fight was getting attention very easily. there was a huge crowd watching the fight. Keara and Riley had defeated Jealousy Cloud and Desire Cloud. now Keara, Riley, Tynan, Keara, Tra, and Spec were all fighting Angry Cloud and Proud Cloud. they defeated them easily. Angry Cloud and Proud Cloud were gone in 10 seconds. but the rest of the battle was hard. 20 minutes later, an army of PBs came. theyre was at least 40 PBs of each kind in the army. all the good guys worked together. they had another plan. they all held hands and chanted friendly words.
"friendship is power!"
"never forget friends!"
"the most strongest power is friendship!"
they all chanted words about friendship. soon the Clouds began to fade away. at long last, there was no clouds on the beach. Dumonde was cured. and the bully had been clouded too, so he was cured. the clouds had been gone for good. never again had Planet Sarillion been under harm. the rest of that day was a celebration. they gone out for smoothies, partied, had a sleep over, and other cool stuff. Write Me A Story


Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Mary. She owned a pet shop. She had all kinds of animals, hamsters, cats, dogs, monkeys and parrots. A little boy walked in. Mary was surprised he didn't have a parent with him. He was sad.

Mary asked, "What's wrong?"

The little boy said, "I want a pet."

Mary had an idea. She said to the little boy, "How would you like to have a hamster?"

The little boy said, "I would love too!"

Mary took him to the box of hamsters and pulled out a brown and black hamster she put it in a green bag and gave it to him and she said, "Have a nice day."

The boy left with his new pet.

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