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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 19, 2009 - Issue #75  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Sandee Dance - Age 18 - From CANADA

OK hi everyone this is what I say we should do:if we use chemicals to get them gone all we will do is kill the animals which is worse then them getting driven away but if we send people out to remove them they will grow again because they have spreaded seeds but if we send natural preditors that would be way better cause then the would be gone for good!!

Team Animal Fact of the Week


Butter flies can lay up to 5,ooo eggs a day! I'll save the red butterflies from the darkness by catching them and breeding them. {if I can}

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kari - 12 - Team Kari and Devan - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

The story continues from this beginning:

Spec and Tra walk into the Distillers' Exploratorium to study, when they find Skeeter with members of [YOUR TEAM HERE] who are giving him their passwords! "Skeeter, what are you doing?" asks Spec. "You know that kids should NEVER give their passwords to anyone!" "I found out a secret way to make them all Idea Seekers without paying, so I need them!" Skeeter replies. "But Skeeter, that's stealing!" says Tra. "Who cares?" asks Skeeter. "If there are more Idea Seekers, it'll be easier to fight the Clouds!" "Except that Desire Cloud has clouded your mind!" Spec says. "Hey, members of [YOUR TEAM HERE]--anyone have a Persistence Plant Baby?" What happens next? Write the rest of the story.

Team Kari and Devan nodded. They brought out their Persistence Plant Babies. "Awesome!" Spec said. "We all have to cure Skeeter!" "And quick!" Tra added. Team Kari and Devan nodded and did as they were told. "Thank you, everyone!" Skeeter said. "I'm really sorry I asked for your password. Can you forgive me?"

"Of course we can!" A member of Team Kari and Devan said. The other members agreed. "But," Tra interrupted the excitment. "Team Kari and Devan, even if somebody asks IT'S NOT OK TO GIVE THEM YOUR PASSWORD - even if they seem nice." "I suggest Team Kari and Devan change their passwords AND NEVER GIVE THEM OUT AGAIN." Spec suggested. Team Kari and Devan nodded and went to change their passwords. "How about we all get some ice cream?" Skeeter suggested. "Ok, as long as you don't ask for their passwords!" Tra joked. Spec, Skeeter, and Tra laughed. Write Me A Story


The homecoming ceremony was massive. The stage's curtains were pulled back and decorated and the dancers and cheerleaders were preparing the props for the big dance at the end of homecoming. One of the mascots, Rina, looked at the big grandfather clock.

"The dancers are very late," she remarked, slipping another CD into the CD player.

"OK then, Rina, go and ask them what's wrong," another mascot said.

Rina trotted behind stage to see the DJ poking around with the Karaoke Machine. Rina walked over to her friend Ursula and asked, "What's up with the DJ?"

"The Karaoke Machine's broken and Brooke came to sing the songs. The DJ's good at fixing stuff, but he seems to be breaking it," sighed Ursula.

Rina walked over to the DJ and yanked the screwdriver out of his hand.

"You're breaking it more! One more screw and that would have been the end of the Karaoke Machine," Rina snapped, beginning to fix the errors the DJ had made.

"See, DJ, the only problem was these wires weren't in the right place," Rina sighed, swapping two wires' positions to show the DJ.

"Did you take Mechanics class?" asked DJ.

"Yup and Technology class along with a few others," Rina said, screwing a loose section into place.
"Thanks," said the DJ.

Rina ran back to her place in the Mascot Area. The stage's curtains dramatically fell into place.

"Now presenting... Brooke," the DJ boomed, and Rina and the mascots began to dance.

"With a big thanks to Rina for fixing our ace Karaoke Machine!" Brooke added when she thanked her friends and family.

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