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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 30, 2009 - Issue #76  
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King Daveau

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, you must be very excited that Kimma's no longer suffering from Angry Cloud sickness.

You have no idea! It's the worst feeling, knowing your own daughter is so clouded with cloud sickness that even the words of her Hope and Joy Plant Babies are of no use to her. It took the combined efforts of so many Idea Seekers, Allies, and Plant Babies to clear her head and remember that she's a really good seamstress! I'm so grateful for everyone who cared enough about her to help. Kimma has so many great friends!

How has her recovery from the cloud sickness been?

Whenever someone is that affected by one of the Clouds of Chaos, it's best to take the recovery slowly. Kimma's been spending lots of time in her room reading about the Essence, talking with her Plant Babies, and, of course, focusing on the Halloween Disguises for her store! She's a very good Idea Seeker Reminder yourself, you know. And a Reminder's job is to help others recover from Cloud Sickness by reminding them of the positive energy one can generate when they are listening to the Essence and remembering to not let impatience and anger take control. Kimma excels at helping other people with this. She just needs to remember how to take care of herself sometimes!

But Angry Cloud's still up to no good, correct?

*Sigh* It's true. Angry Cloud's so mad that she's lost his hold on Kimma that he's run into the wetlands to take out his anger on the poor animals in the area! They're running scared! I call on all Idea Seeker Teams to join forces and work to chase Angry Cloud out of the wetlands! Head to the Field Museum now!

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