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About an Idea Seeker - Joy Plant Baby

Princess Kimma's Joy Plant Baby spoke to the Sarillion Monitor about her favorite month-the Month of Joy!

So, Joy, what do you enjoy the most about having a whole month named after you?

Hahaha! Oh, you're so silly. The Month of Joy is about happiness and togetherness with your friends and family! It's not just about Joy Plant Babies!

That's true! So what do you enjoy the most?

Well this month I love King Daveau's idea of teaching everyone how taking joy in individual goals makes a person's community that much stronger! When you remember to recycle, save water, and reduce the use of fossil fuels, you contribute to the health of the entire world and make everyone happy! That's a great lesson to learn!

But if you take too much pride in what you do on your own, can't that lead to Proud Cloud Sickness?

Not if you are working to achieve your goals because you know they will make your community better as a whole! When someone is only concerned about themselves, and their goals only end up benefiting themselves, but harming others...that's when Proud Cloud strikes. Finding Joy in your work is the best when you know that it's making you happy, but it's making other people happy too! Proud Cloud is his strongest when people think their needs are more important that other people's. But with Joy Plant Baby on your side, Proud Cloud doesn't stand a chance! *giggle*

So what's next for Joy?

Kimma and I are planning the annual New Year's Party in the Restaurant! A new year is always so full of joy and possibility! I'm gonna dance up a storm! I'll see you there!

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