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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Dorinda Sweet - Age 11 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

i think we should use zoning laws because animals are nature. we need thses animals for when we are hungry or when we are in need of a friend.animlas eat harmful things so we can have a safe place to live.where they live is how they are raised to be or how they are meant to be. alot of animals die because of this building land and destroying territory.there are many other places to build land on. so think about the animals for a change.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Bella Match - Age 13 - Team Red Lion - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

heres the definition of a lion (my own definition of it): a carnivorous mamal that preys on animals like zebra and animals like that. lions are now becoming endangered, so we must halp them survive. lions live in amazon forests, in caves, in places anywhere where a lion could live. lions are also called the 'king of the jungle' because of its sharp teeth, its hunting ability, its ability to camofalge itself while stalking their prey. lions are becoming endangered because hunters are poaching and we need then to cease poaching at once before lions become extinct. lions are beautiful animals and ppl should not be hunting them. i love lions for everything they do and are. i think people who are poaching should stop because think of this: a baby lion cub is lost and cannot find its mother. but when a poacher is nearby, what do u think happens?

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Princess Kimma is hanging out with the members of Team Pink Salamander! Kimma has asked them to help her plan some dishes for the upcoming Month of Gratitude Palace feast. The Team is nervous because they want to help, but Spec and Tra have warned them that Kimma's a terrible cook! Meanwhile, Kimma goes on and on about how amazing her food is, bragging and bragging. Does Kimma have Proud Cloud Sickness? Can Pink Salamander use Humor Plant Baby to bring Kimma back to earth so they can really help her with the feast? Write the rest of the story.

Princess Kimma was very proud! Spec and Tra felt bad that they were misleading Kimma to how great of a cook she is. They knew that is was bad not to tell the TRUTH, they both know that no matter how bad the truth is, its better to tell the truth then to lie. So Spec and Tra told Princess Kimma and she said that maybe they should get some help. Spec and Tra were relieaved they thought Princess Kimma was going to be mad, because actually people do react that way sometimes. So they had all the Plant Babies and the rest of the team to work together and make the food. So, at the end of the day the food was done and was DELICIOUS, and they had a great and TASTEY feast. Write Me A Story


"Yea! It is Thanksgiving!" Alaney yelled.

She had been waiting for Thanksgiving all year. She had been adopted during the summer, and her new family was telling her what fun they always have on holidays. At the orphanage, they never had fun or even celebrated holidays. Since she was a new neighbor to the people around her, the neighborhood was giving a big Thanksgiving party.

Alaney was getting ready, when she noticed a card on her work desk for school. She hadn't seen it there before. This kind of thing only happened in Nancy Drew books that she knew of. Then she heard a knock on the door, but she wasn't scared. She new it was the neighbors coming to pick her and her family up. She left the card there to stay for the night.

Later on the neighbors invited her to stay with them after dinner for a sleep over with their daughter, Maria. Alaney accepted with permission from her parents. When they settled where Alaney should sleep and what to wear to sleep, they set the table for dinner.

At the table Alaney saw a colorful blur of reds, browns, and turquoise, the color of Marie's pajamas, out of the corner of her eye. She wasn't sure what it was, but stayed at the table. She saw the blur fly down the stairs and land in a jumble. She ran downstairs on impulse, without saying excuse me, as fast as light travels and found a talking turkey wearing Marie's pajamas.

The turkey said, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and ran off with the card she found earlier in its mouth.

Alaney was way too freaked out to go anywhere anymore. Maria came running down the stairs and asked Alaney why she had run off. Alaney replied, "I just saw the weirdest thing."

Maria said, "Well I'm sure it wasn't weirder than you being in your seat and then gone when I look over again."

Alaney apologized for scaring them and running off, but that the talking turkey was way weirder than that.

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