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About an Idea Seeker - Riley

Happy Holidays, Riley! You looking forward to them?

Hey, you know it! This is when I get to use some of my best material! Check this out: what do reindeer always say before telling a joke? "This one will SLEIGH you!" Haha!

Heh, nice one, Riley! But we've been hearing that the Clouds of Chaos have been up to their usual tricks during the Month of Joy. Have you run into them at all?

Actually, yeah-now that I think about it, I took a trip with Skeeter to Machoo to do some howling-er, I mean CAROLING with Spec and Tra! (Just because I can talk doesn't always mean I can sing!) And Spec was being really weird, talking about what a great idea he had, getting everyone together for some Holiday caroling. Tra was getting really mad because apparently it was her idea!

So what happened?

Well, turns out it was that good-for-nothing purple puffball Proud Cloud! Heh, good thing I was there, though-or more specifically, good thing my Humor Plant Babies were there! They were powered up and singing along and they have just the silliest voices! Haha! They made all of us laugh and Spec realized that it didn't matter who's idea it was. We were all together! That's what's important! Silly Spec.

And now Jealousy Cloud's out stirring up trouble, right?

So I hear! It's hard to tell sometimes, because whenever I'm around everyone's jealous of the jokes I have stored in my joke book! Haha! Check this one out, it's another Christmas one: Why does Scrooge love the reindeer? Because every BUCK is dear to him! Hahahaha!

Heh, that's cute Riley. Well, keep an eye out for Jealousy Cloud, and we'll see you at the Restaurant for the New Year's party, ok?

Sure, sounds good guys!

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