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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Kelsey Glee - Age 10 - From CANADA

i know that millions of animals are killed because of their habitat bieng destroyed. did we do anything about that,no we build subdivisions instead, i think when people see a place their about to build on and there is a habitat there i would just leave it alone if you dont you are risking animals life that could cause no food, no pets.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Gemma Growl - Age 10 - Team Red Fox - From UNITED KINGDOM

Breeding occurs between December and Febuary and they are very rare in africa and in italy, spain, frace and India!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Princess Kimma is showing Riley and Skeeter all the food that is being collected for the annual Month of Gratitude feast at the Royal Palace! All the food was grown locally by farmers near the Palace so that fossil fuels weren't used shipping the food. But suddenly, Riley starts gobbling up all the food he can see! Gluttony Cloud has clouded Riley! The Palace is going to need to ship more food from farther away! What can Kimma and Skeeter do? Will a Gratitude or Balance Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

"Riley, what are you doing?!" Skeeter cried. "mggugh!" Riley tried to reply but he had food in his mouth. he swallowed it and said "im so hungry i could eat a cow! cook up some more stuff after this is gone!" and continued stuffing his face. he stuffed a entire watermelon in his mouth and chewed it. (without the skin) Skeeter watched helplessly with he eyes wide open. his mouth dropped down to his knees. Riley ate a entire tomato in one bite.

"man, Riley is a pig, isn't he? i wish i could just wipe that watery grin off his face!" Kimma said smugly. Skeeter heard Angry Cloud trying to muffle his laughter while Gluttony Cloud wandered aimlessly around, looking for food. Skeeter sneaked off to find Plant Babies. when he was out of the Palace he looked in the window to the kitchen. Riley's face was starting to turn green but he kept on stuffing his face, much slower now. he also saw Kimma screaming at Riley to stop eating but Riley wouldn't listen. Angry Cloud laughed evily. Skeeter ran to his house and picked up the wrong PBs because he was in such a hurry. He picked up Persistence instead of Humor, and a Hope instead of Gratitude or Balance. Persistence and Hope were powered down and Skeeter had no food or power items for them at the moment. when he got to the Palace he said "ok Humor go do-" but then he seen that he had a powered-down Persistence, who was asleep. "well at least i still have-" Skeeter started but he seen that he had a powered-down Hope. he was hopeing that they would work, even though they were powered-down.

he closed his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Riley looked sick and Kimma was getting horse from screaming at him. "Persistence? Persistence? PERSISTENCE WAKE UP!" Skeeter screamed at Persistence. Persistence sleepily opened his eyes. "i dont feel any power, Skeet" Persistence said, trying to see what was going on. Skeeter looked at Hope in time to see her slowly drifting off to sleep. "HOPE!" Skeeter screamed. Hope quickly opened her eyes. "what? what happened? did the Darkness take over?" Hope said, frightend. Skeeter's Hope was the only Hope PB that didn't like curing and wasn't hopeful at all. "no, my friends are clouded with Angry Cloud and Gluttony Cloud. can you cure them?" Skeeter asked. "no. no power. sorry. night!" Hope said, eagerly closing her eyes to sleep. it looked like Riley was about to throw up.

Skeeter shook Hope until she sighed and opened her eyes. "i have no power, Skeety." Hope said. Skeeter's PBs called Skeeter by nicknames. "Hope, you like those Candles Of Light things, right?" Skeeter asked. "yes. why?" Hope asked. "i'll buy you one and your favourite food. then you can cure-" "NO!" Hope screamed, startling Skeeter. "i cant...because...uh...i feel sick!" Hope said, pretending that she was dying. "come on! your a HOPE Plant Baby! your suppose to be hopeful." Skeeter argued. Skeeter looked up to see Riley looking sickish, running to the bathroom. "Hope, PLEASE!" Skeeter begged. "ok.. for this time..." "no, Hope! always, when i need you, you just cure others. promise?" Skeeter asked. Hope sighed. "i really dont want to..." Hope said. Skeeter dropped to his knees, giving up all hope that was left in him.

The Darkness bended down beside him. "you know, you made a bad choice in picking out Plant Babies. especially that useless Hope of yours. you would be a LOT better on the evil side. what do you say?" The Darkness asked. "Shut up" Skeeter said, moving away from him. The Darkness looked stunned. Hope looked at Skeeter sadly. Hope stood up. "Skeeter, i have a secret locked box of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 virtual points. i can give you as much as you need to buy me and your other PBs stuff." Hope said, smiling. Skeeter looked up, surprised. Skeeter shook his head. "for a second there i thought you said-" "i DID say that, Skeety." Hope inturrupted. Skeeter looked at Hope and smiled. soon Hope was powered up. "ok Hope, do your thing!" Skeeter said joyfully. Hope stared into Kimma's eyes. 2 minutes later Kimma was confused, but cured. Hope looked at Riley's eyes. it was easier so when Hope got her eyes locked on Riley's, Riley was easily cured. Soon they had enough to grow more food organicly and they had a GREAT Palace feast for the Mouth of Gratitude, which was the greatest Mouth of Gratitude they had so far. Write Me A Story


"Oh won't Santa be so happy, we got him this Gift Certificate to Jolly Campers for Christmas?" giggled Minny the Elf.

"Well, I just hope he takes us back here to get some stuff," groaned Grumpy the Elf.

"Oh shush, you grumpy elf. Santa does so much for us and you have to be so grumpy on Christmas. I just don't get you," sighed Minny the Elf.

Grumpy just gave her a mean stare and kept walking around the Mall. Minny the Elf was holding the Gift Certificate in her hand and skipping along so happily, but then some rude teenagers came over and started laughing at her.

"Why are you laughing?" she asked very confused.

"Because your so short. What, you like an elf or something? You know it's not Halloween, and Santa is not real. Go back to your job at Santa's Little Helpers. You'll sure fit in," The tall one of the group started pointing and laughing. Minny the Elf was so upset. Grumpy the Elf stomped his little foot on the guy's feet. He began laughing again.

"Was that supposed to hurt? Oh, you make me laugh."

Grumpy was so upset, but as he was going to yell at him, the kid stole the Gift Certificate out of Minny the Elf's hand and began running.

"Hey that's not yours! Come back here!" Minny the Elf exclaimed as she ran after them.

Well, Grumpy the Elf wasn't chasing them. He went to go get Santa.

"Santa, Santa, Minny and I got you a gift at the mall and these two very rude boys took it from us. We need your help," said Grumpy the Elf still panting.

"Ho, ho, ho, was this boy tall?" asked Santa.

Grumpy the Elf nodded. "I see. His name is Jimmy No-good. He is on my naughty list. I will help you."

They zapped right next to Jimmy instantly and Jimmy stopped wide-eyed and screamed, "How did you get there?"

"Why, I'm Santa and I'm magical," answered Santa.

Jimmy was trembling heavily, "Now I believe you have..." He was cut off by Minny the Elf running around the corner with her little feet as fast as she could.

"Stop you boys, stop! Oh, hi Santa," she stopped running and smiled.

"As I was saying. That is not yours, so please hand it to me," said Santa.

Jimmy gave it to Santa very quickly and ran away.

Santa chuckled, "A Gift Certificate to Jolly Campers, is this for me?" asked Santa.

They elves nodded.

He smiled and said, "Ho, ho, ho, I love it!"

Both elves smiled and said, "Merry Christmas!"

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